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CSM OOO Driver Design Gallery

Complete Selection Modification OOO Driver Design Gallery

Wasn’t quite sure if I should call this a design gallery or not, but it seems to be the most fitting, so here we go. I recently picked up the CSM OOO Driver and included with the full package was a Kougami Foundation folder with a set of pages detailing the OOO Driver and the Core Medals and their various forms. Since some of these are brand new Combos featuring the new “future medals” as seen in Movie War Megamax, I thought I’d scan the sheets and upload them to share. Along with the existing OOO Combos we’ve had before, the following have new art:

  • BuraKaWani Combo
  • TaMaShii Combo
  • Kamen Rider Poseidon
  • Kamen Rider Core
  • Super TaToBa Combo
  • BiKaSo Combo (Shrimp, Crab, Scorpion)
  • ShiGazeShi Combo (Deer, Gazelle, Bull)
  • MukaChiRi Combo (Centipede, Bee, Ant)
  • SaRaMiuo Combo (Shark, Whale, Wolf Fish)
  • SeiShiroGin Combo (Walrus, Polar Bear, Penguin)
  • TakaGaruBa (Hawk, Kangaroo, Grasshopper)
  • TakaToraGaru (Hawk, Tiger, Kangaroo)
  • TakaPanBa (Hawk, Panda, Grasshopper)
  • TakaYadoBa (Hawk, Hermit Crab, Grasshopper)

…as well as a chart of all the Core Medals seen in the show + the future Medals, with all the names written in English, albeit with a highly stylized font. Lastly, I included the front of the folder and the text from the inside of the folder, although I have no idea what it says. This one is only available on Flickr right now as there are no BMP versions and you can download a Flickr gallery from there. Anyway, hopefully, you enjoy this!

View/Download Gallery

View/Download on Flickr


Kamen Rider & Super Sentai 3D – Playstation VR Collection

Kamen Rider & Super Sentai 3D – Playstation VR Collection

Time for a return to our 3D encodes from the past for a very particular reason. I recently picked up a Playstation VR and was happy to discover that I could use it for 3D BDs with no glasses, just the headset. Of course, while I have several 3D toku BDs, they lack subs, which doesn’t help much for actually watching them. Enter “Littlstar”, a free media app for PSVR.


Using Littlstar, you can load 3D MP4s onto a flash drive and play them back in proper 3D. While some of the features aren’t as robust as Sony’s own internal 3D playback (no head tracking for centering the virtual screen and no virtual surround audio), this opens the door to watching these 3D encodes through another method. Unfortunately, there are a few other limitations, mainly that softsubs are not supported, and neither is 5.1 surround audio. As a result, I’ve gone back to the original BDs and re-encoded all of our 3D releases as hardsubbed MP4s with stereo downmixes. One encode has a slight adjustment to some lyrics but otherwise, all subs are exactly as released on the 3D MKV versions.


More information on how to setup a flashdrive for use with Littlstar can be found HERE, but all the encodes are properly named for use with the app. You can rename them, as long as you leave the “_3dff_sbs” portion of the filename as-is. Hopefully, with the ever-expanding user base for the PSVR (especially with the holidays coming up), these encodes will be useful for some of you. Enjoy!


The following encodes are available:

Download Littlstar on US PSN

Download Littlstar on UK PSN

Download Littlstar on Malaysian PSN



Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful The Movie – The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals 3D

Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful The Movie – The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals 3D

Time for another 3D encode! Since it’s been a while since we released a 3D encode, this is a 1080p side-by-side half-res encode which should be supported by most 3D displays. Two subtitle tracks are included, but the dual stream subs are probably what you’ll use. For more information, click HERE for the 3D encode guide on our anime page. Some of it doesn’t apply here, but it does have all the important info you’ll need. Enjoy!

Download 1080p

Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

Download Subtitle ScriptDual Stream   Single Stream

Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max


Part One – Beginning

After meteors fall across the globe, the Seven Legendary Riders battle numerous villain factions as members of Foundation X collect a mysterious substance that came down with the meteors.


Part Two – Kamen Rider OOO

In the aftermath of the meteorfall, a portal to the future opens and from it comes a Kamen Rider using new Core Medals. Just as it appears this future Rider cannot be stopped, Eiji and Ankh appear and fight him off, obtaining a full set of medals from within the Rider’s body. As Eiji tries to reason with this future Rider, he can’t help but wonder… just how has Ankh been brought back?


Part Three – Kamen Rider Joker

In Fuuto, Shotaro is chasing down a group of Foundation X goons carrying more of this mystery substance. While Phillip is engrossed in his research, Shotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Joker and fights off the Dopant and Greed escorts. Meanwhile, the Seven Legendary Riders have found Lem Kannagi of Foundation X, but they prove no match for his power…


Part Four – Kamen Rider Fourze

During an otherwise typical day, the Kamen Rider Club witnesses a young girl fall from the sky. After saving her, Gentarou and the others are attacked by a Zodiarts. But when Gentarou transforms, this mystery girl also transforms into a Kamen Rider! However, as they learn more about this mystery girl, they discover that she is no girl at all, but rather SOLU, the mystery substance Foundation X has been seeking, and they are after her as well!


Part Five – Movie War Mega Max

After obtaining the future Core Medals and transferring the SOLU into an Astro Switch,  Kannagi’s plans to become the Galaxy King are in full motion. As Double, OOO, and Fourze come together, they must stop Kannagi’s machinations and free the Seven Legendary Riders before it’s too late!

Download 720p

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Download Subtitle Scripts

Kamen Rider OOO Design Gallery

Kamen Rider OOO Design Gallery

Like the gallery from the first Drive BD set, here’s a collection of the Kamen Rider OOO Design Gallery images from across the 12 BDs released for OOO. These consist of art of the Riders, their equipment, and most, if not all of the Yummies seen in the series. Like the Drive set, there is an online gallery on Flickr, as well as Mega downloads for the edited and resorted PNGs or the raw BMP caps from the BDs. Enjoy!

View/Download Gallery

View on Flickr

Download BMP Pack (Mega)

Download PNG Pack (Mega)

Kamen Rider OOO Wrap Up

Another Rider down, but still plenty to go!


OOO is complete at last, and it didn’t take as long as W did, so that’s a big plus. This was actually the first time I’d watched every episode of OOO in order as I’d skipped some of the middle parts in the past. While W still holds as my favorite Rider, I have to say OOO was certainly a solid followup to come right after it.


Since I did a wrap up post for W to detail what’s next, I figured I’d keep that trend going with OOO as well. Unlike W, OOO doesn’t have any post-series movies other than the annual teamup with the next Rider and a few assorted appearances in other movies, but with no major starring roles and the BDs lacking any Hyper Battle Video or anything of that sort (did OOO even have one? I have no idea), this is about it for Eiji and company. I am hoping to be able to do the 3D version of OOO Wonderful in the future, pending availability of the source.


A batch will be coming soon, but I need to check as I think I may patch a couple of the early episodes to fix some minor sub gaffes I missed (mostly episode titles during the previews). The batch will probably go up by next weekend, assuming the seedbox is working properly by then.


Unlike last time, where we announced OOO once W was over, many of you that follow the site or our Twitter know that I purchased both the Fourze and Wizard BD boxes several months ago. While W, OOO, Gaim, and several of the earlier Heisei Rider shows have been uploaded to various torrent sites, Fourze and Wizard were and still are M.I.A., but since I have the BDs we need, Fourze is up next! Fourze was my first Rider series, so it holds a sentimental spot with me and I’m looking forward to revisiting it.


I’ve also been considering juggling Gaim at the same time as I’ve heard a fair bit of demand for BD versions of it. I haven’t settled on doing that yet, but it’s looking more and more probable. Let me know in the comments if you want to see me start it sooner. (and yes Akibaranger fans, I’ll be finishing Season 1 soon!)


Lastly, before I start on Fourze, which will probably kick off in the next week or so, if anyone knows of any particular things that I should look at to fix with regards to the subs, please let me know in the comments. We’ll use the Over-Time subs for sure, but if there is demand, I’ll also include the Aesir subs as an alternate option, so let me know what you want to see!


That about does it for this post so watch for Fourze soon! IT’S SPACE TIME!