Scripts and Font Packs

Included here are font packs for use with the subtitle files included with episode posts/linked below. You only really need these if you plan to use the subs with other encodes such as BunnyHat’s raws as the fonts are already attached to our MKVs (except when we forget to attach them, in which case, it’s handy to have them).


-Kamen Rider Den-O-
Font Pack Updated January 18, 2019 (Series Batch)
Download Font Pack
-Kamen Rider W-
Font Pack Updated September 22, 2014 (Episode 23)
Download Font Pack
-Kamen Rider OOO-
Font Pack Updated May 29, 2015 (Final Episode Extended Cut)
Download Font Pack
-Kamen Rider Fourze-
Font Pack Updated March 27, 2016 (Episode 47)
Download Font Pack
-Kamen Rider Wizard-
Font Pack Updated September 22, 2016 (Episode 24)
Download Font Pack
-Kamen Rider Gaim-
Font Pack Updated November 13, 2016 (Episode 8)
Download Font Pack
-Kamen Rider Drive-
Font Pack Updated January 11, 2016 (Episode 47)
Download Font Pack
-Kamen Rider Ghost-
Font Pack Updated January 19, 2017 (Episode 43)
Download Font Pack
-Kamen Rider Ex-Aid-
Font Pack Updated August 3, 2017 (Episode 17)
Download Font Pack
-Kamen Rider Build-
Font Pack Updated April 5, 2018 (Episode 1)
Download Font Pack
-Kamen Rider Amazons-
Font Pack Updated April 1, 2018 (Season 2 Batch)
Download Series Font Pack

-Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger-
Font Pack Updated October 25, 2018 (Episode 1)
Download Font Pack
-Express Sentai ToQGer-
Font Pack Updated November 14, 2016 (Episode 3)
Download Font Pack
-Animal Sentai Zyuohger-
Font Pack Updated October 8, 2017 (Series Batch)
Download Font Pack
-Space Sentai Kyuranger-
Font Pack Updated January 26, 2018 (Episode 22)
Download Font Pack
-Thief Sentai Lupinranger VS Police Sentai Patranger-
Font Pack Updated September 23, 2018 (Episode 1)
Download Font Pack
-Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger-
Font Pack Updated April 14, 2016 (Episode 13)
Download Font Pack

3 thoughts on “Scripts and Font Packs”

  1. When downloading one of your files it says that it has english subs but when I am actually playing the video it does not show the subs. How do I get them to display? Using windows media player.

    1. The problem is Windows Media Player. WMP doesn’t support ASS subs (not without jumping through a stupid amount of hoops that I can’t even remember how to do since it’s been years since I had to make it work), so you won’t get any subtitles at all. I’d highly suggest using MPC-HC or VLC for playback because both of those should just work out of the box for you.

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