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Kamen Rider & Super Sentai 3D – Playstation VR Collection

Kamen Rider & Super Sentai 3D – Playstation VR Collection

Time for a return to our 3D encodes from the past for a very particular reason. I recently picked up a Playstation VR and was happy to discover that I could use it for 3D BDs with no glasses, just the headset. Of course, while I have several 3D toku BDs, they lack subs, which doesn’t help much for actually watching them. Enter “Littlstar”, a free media app for PSVR.


Using Littlstar, you can load 3D MP4s onto a flash drive and play them back in proper 3D. While some of the features aren’t as robust as Sony’s own internal 3D playback (no head tracking for centering the virtual screen and no virtual surround audio), this opens the door to watching these 3D encodes through another method. Unfortunately, there are a few other limitations, mainly that softsubs are not supported, and neither is 5.1 surround audio. As a result, I’ve gone back to the original BDs and re-encoded all of our 3D releases as hardsubbed MP4s with stereo downmixes. One encode has a slight adjustment to some lyrics but otherwise, all subs are exactly as released on the 3D MKV versions.


More information on how to setup a flashdrive for use with Littlstar can be found HERE, but all the encodes are properly named for use with the app. You can rename them, as long as you leave the “_3dff_sbs” portion of the filename as-is. Hopefully, with the ever-expanding user base for the PSVR (especially with the holidays coming up), these encodes will be useful for some of you. Enjoy!


The following encodes are available:

Download Littlstar on US PSN

Download Littlstar on UK PSN

Download Littlstar on Malaysian PSN