8 thoughts on “Kamen Rider OOO Final Episode Director’s Cut”

  1. Woohoo! Congrats on finishing up OOO in blu-ray! Looking forward to seeing Fourze in blu-ray also.

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to getting started with Fourze. It was my first Rider show and this’ll be the first time since it ended that I’ll be rewatching it.

    1. Good idea. At the very least, they might be interested in helping to get the missing Overlord lines translated. I’ll hit them up once it’s time for Gaim (which may be soon… more on that in the OOO Wrap Up post coming later today.)

      1. It’s at least worth asking them.  Also, regardless of when you actually start Gaim, please consider talking to OrangeLion as soon as possible, and please, please, please consider doing a Gaim introduction post detailing how you will be handling/remastering Gaim (Sengoku vs. Warring, Ornac vs. Gridon, if OrangeLion is helping and if so to what extent, etc.)

        1. Yeah,  the plan before I started Gaim was to try and get a definitive list of terms that need to be changed. Sengoku vs Warring was on top of that list. I’ll look at hitting up OrangeLion soon as well.

  2. Sorry, that I ask, but should I watch as a first time watcher this or the two episodes separately?

    1. I’d say just go ahead and watch this. I can’t think of anything that was cut aside from the preview at the end of 47 for obvious reasons, and a special bit of animation that showed the series logo during episode 48 after Eiji transforms. Nothing actually important whatsoever, and the additional scenes, especially during the ending, are a nice addition.

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