CSM OOO Driver Design Gallery

Complete Selection Modification OOO Driver Design Gallery

Wasn’t quite sure if I should call this a design gallery or not, but it seems to be the most fitting, so here we go. I recently picked up the CSM OOO Driver and included with the full package was a Kougami Foundation folder with a set of pages detailing the OOO Driver and the Core Medals and their various forms. Since some of these are brand new Combos featuring the new “future medals” as seen in Movie War Megamax, I thought I’d scan the sheets and upload them to share. Along with the existing OOO Combos we’ve had before, the following have new art:

  • BuraKaWani Combo
  • TaMaShii Combo
  • Kamen Rider Poseidon
  • Kamen Rider Core
  • Super TaToBa Combo
  • BiKaSo Combo (Shrimp, Crab, Scorpion)
  • ShiGazeShi Combo (Deer, Gazelle, Bull)
  • MukaChiRi Combo (Centipede, Bee, Ant)
  • SaRaMiuo Combo (Shark, Whale, Wolf Fish)
  • SeiShiroGin Combo (Walrus, Polar Bear, Penguin)
  • TakaGaruBa (Hawk, Kangaroo, Grasshopper)
  • TakaToraGaru (Hawk, Tiger, Kangaroo)
  • TakaPanBa (Hawk, Panda, Grasshopper)
  • TakaYadoBa (Hawk, Hermit Crab, Grasshopper)

…as well as a chart of all the Core Medals seen in the show + the future Medals, with all the names written in English, albeit with a highly stylized font. Lastly, I included the front of the folder and the text from the inside of the folder, although I have no idea what it says. This one is only available on Flickr right now as there are no BMP versions and you can download a Flickr gallery from there. Anyway, hopefully, you enjoy this!

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    1. Glad you liked it! Figured that after spending $400+ on the thing, I might as well share whatever I could from it.

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