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-Due to recent changes with Mega, all DDLs are being migrated to KRDL.moe. If you have trouble finding a DDL, try using the search function on the page to sort OZC-Live releases, and if you can’t find a file after that, please drop by our Discord and let us know as it may not be transferred over yet. Existing Mega links will remain available until migration for each series is complete.-

Kamen Rider


Kamen Rider Hibiki

720p Collection





Kamen Rider Den-O

720p Collection





Kamen Rider Kiva

720p Collection




Kamen Rider W

720p Collection




Kamen Rider OOO

720p Collection





Kamen Rider Fourze

720p Collection





Kamen Rider Wizard

1080p/720p Collection720p Collection (Dub)





Kamen Rider Gaim

1080p/720p Collection





Kamen Rider Drive

1080p/720p Collection




Kamen Rider Ghost

1080p/720p Collection




Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

1080p Collection 1 (Ep. 01-24)–  –1080p Collection 2 (Ep. 25-45)–            –720p Collection




Kamen Rider Build

1080p/720p Collection





Kamen Rider Zi-O

1080p/720p Collection




Kamen Rider Amazons – Seasons 1 & 2

1080p Collection–     –720p Collection

Season 1 Contains Bonus Material Only; Both Seasons Unavailable due to Amazon Prime Streaming



Kamen Rider Movies

1080p & 720p Collection 1–    –1080p & 720p Collection 2






Super Sentai



Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger

1080p/720p Collection




Express Sentai ToQGer

1080p/720p Collection





Animal Sentai Zyuohger

1080p/720p Collection




Space Sentai Kyuranger

1080p/720p Collection




Thief Sentai Lupinranger VS Police Sentai Patranger

1080p/720p Collection




Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger

720p Collection





Super Sentai Movies

1080p 3D/720p Collection



Misc. Toku Movies



Kikaider Reboot

1080p/720p Collection

51 thoughts on “DDL Mirrors”

    1. Seeding-wise, I can’t offer anything better than what my seedbox is capable of. This is an alternate option for people who can’t/don’t use torrents, or people who want to grab it quicker than I can seed and then help seed. Seeing as Mega isn’t related to torrents at all though, at the core, this will not impact the seeding any better or worse. It’s simply an alternate option.

  1. Hallo ozclive, thank you for your works in making kamen rider watchable for us in blu ray version!

    And also thank you for the DDL Mirror links as I can’t torrent in my country.

    I have a question, will you in the future also upload the Kamen Rider OOO Movie, and Kamen Rider Crossovers films in the DDL Mirrors too?



  2. thank you,you are so kind。there is no doubt ,you are a wonderful share player,I like “OZC-live” very much。I hope everything goes well。

  3. Is there anywhere else I can download Kamen Rider W – A to Z The Gaia Memories of Fate Director’s Cut? Only 1 seeder on Nyaa and I don’t know how the Magnet link works… The one on MEGA is the normal version of the movie… Thank you in advance!

      1. Oh! I found it! xD Sorry for the trouble xD Feel free to delete the previous reply! And thank you again!

        1. No worries. I should probably delete the movies from the series account just for the sake of avoiding that issue in the future. I actually didn’t realize I’d put the movies in the series folder like that. W is probably the only one like that though.

  4. It is? In the Mega link on this page I see a 1.64GB file called “[OZC-Live]Kamen Rider W Forever ‘A to Z – The Gaia Memories of Fate’ [720p].mkv”. There is also a 3.34GB one (3D). In the Mega link on the Completed Series page I see two “OOO & W feat. Skull – Movie War Core” and a 743MB file of the A to Z movie. Is it that first 1.64GB one? Thank you again!

  5. Oh! One last question aout A to Z DC. The ending scene with Terui and Akiko… Is it the DC version (no credits rolling over) or the theatrical version?

    1. It’s the clean version on the Director’s Cut, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the upscaled parts since the Theatrical BD doesn’t have a clean version of the credits footage that I could use for the DC recut.

  6. hello I cant download some of the akibaranger episode, file says on mega undercrypted files and thanks for the wizard episode its working now

    1. We won’t be releasing Blade because our friends at EXCITE! Subs are already doing Blade with brand new, much-improved subs.


      They are doing DVD versions, but that’s for the best because I’ve spent some time with the BDs to see if there was anything about them worth salvaging and no, there’s not. They’re trash compared to the DVDs, so you’re going to get the best possible version you can using EXCITE’s release.

  7. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! always

    Can I ask you something?

    Do you have to plan for gokaiger?

  8. Hey if you could upload ToQ 33 on Mega I’d really appreciate it. I think you might have missed it before. Thanks man!

    1. Unfortunately, it was uploaded, but changes to Mega are preventing me from having enough space to add more. I’ll have a post about this up soon.

  9. please upload toqger to megadownload. plzi try to download torrent it, but no peer, no seedingplz i wish to download it on megadownload ep33~end.

  10. Good Day!

    Are the MEGA links still up? I prefer to download thru your MEGA rather than KRDL. Requesting for Kyuuranger Eps 25-48 batch since the torrent is stucked on 15% since yesterday. (I downloaded the 1st batch thru MEGA btw, and the 2nd batch is thru torrent and just selected 25-48) Thank you so much and more power!

    1. I no longer have the Mega links, and even if I did, Kyuranger was never finished uploading to Mega because of the issues with the storage space that forced us to change over to KRDL. The batch should be seeding properly now as we had issues with our seedbox provider.

      1. As of writing, the batch is seeding normally. 🙂

        Requesting for seeds of Ninninger vs. Drive and Akibaranger. Thanks and more power!

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