Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 22

Episode 22: Kicking Your True Nature

Gentarou and the others are convinced that their new homeroom teacher is the Zodiarts that is currently rampaging, however, Ryusei figures out that the culprit is not their teacher.

A couple of notes to go along with this episode were originally included on the Aesir tracks during the sponsor bumps after the OP and preview. Since we cut those bumps out, there was nowhere to put those notes, so we commented them out and are including them here.

  • A Rakugo Story: A man and his friends are talking about what scares them. The man isn’t scared of any of the things his friends are. They ask him what he’s scared of, and he replies “bean buns.” So they bring the man a big plate full of bean buns. But rather than being afraid, the man just starts eating all the bean buns… (begin episode)
  • At the start of the rakugo recital, the girl is reciting part of Jugemu, the routine the Rakugo Club were practicing last ep. The “Norway” joke was originally about an escalator, punning “You don’t walk on it.” (arukanai yo) with “Is there? I don’t think so!” (Aru ka? Nai yo!). Finally, the prudent student joke originally punned “transfer student” (tenkousei) with “quite the character” (koseiteki).

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Pirate Sentai Gokaiger The Movie – The Flying Ghost Ship 3D

Pirate Sentai Gokaiger The Movie – The Flying Ghost Ship 3D

While on a morning jog, Gai witnesses the arrival of an enormous ship and is quickly attacked by what looks to be GokaiOh. After Gai and GoZyuJin are defeated, the pirates identify the ship, and Marvelous leads the crew to obtain the God’s Eye, a treasure that will grant one wish to whoever holds it, which the Gokaigers intend to use to obtain the greatest treasure in the universe!

Time for another Super Sentai movie and another 3D release! Since it’s been a while, as a refresher, this is a 1080p half-res encode in side-by-side format, which should be supported by most 3D displays. Two subtitle tracks are included, but the dual stream subs should be what most everyone will need to use. Enjoy!

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