Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max


Part One – Beginning

After meteors fall across the globe, the Seven Legendary Riders battle numerous villain factions as members of Foundation X collect a mysterious substance that came down with the meteors.


Part Two – Kamen Rider OOO

In the aftermath of the meteorfall, a portal to the future opens and from it comes a Kamen Rider using new Core Medals. Just as it appears this future Rider cannot be stopped, Eiji and Ankh appear and fight him off, obtaining a full set of medals from within the Rider’s body. As Eiji tries to reason with this future Rider, he can’t help but wonder… just how has Ankh been brought back?


Part Three – Kamen Rider Joker

In Fuuto, Shotaro is chasing down a group of Foundation X goons carrying more of this mystery substance. While Phillip is engrossed in his research, Shotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Joker and fights off the Dopant and Greed escorts. Meanwhile, the Seven Legendary Riders have found Lem Kannagi of Foundation X, but they prove no match for his power…


Part Four – Kamen Rider Fourze

During an otherwise typical day, the Kamen Rider Club witnesses a young girl fall from the sky. After saving her, Gentarou and the others are attacked by a Zodiarts. But when Gentarou transforms, this mystery girl also transforms into a Kamen Rider! However, as they learn more about this mystery girl, they discover that she is no girl at all, but rather SOLU, the mystery substance Foundation X has been seeking, and they are after her as well!


Part Five – Movie War Mega Max

After obtaining the future Core Medals and transferring the SOLU into an Astro Switch,  Kannagi’s plans to become the Galaxy King are in full motion. As Double, OOO, and Fourze come together, they must stop Kannagi’s machinations and free the Seven Legendary Riders before it’s too late!

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13 thoughts on “Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max”

    1. In this case, no, because there were never subs released for the DC. I have a copy of the DC just in case that changes though.

      1. I’ve kept an eye on my spam folder too, so I don’t know what’s up. Can try a temporary address: m8r-8x2d6i@bobmail.info


        1. Not sure if you got the latest. I sent to the temp address you gave. If that didn’t work, it’s probably something on my end. I’ll try emailing from my Gmail address this weekend when I have a chance.

          1. Yeah, still nothing. I appreciate the effort, sorry to clog the thread with this.

            On overall topic: I still consider this one of the greatest movies ever made. That may seem excessive, but I assure you, I’m 100% serious. I still take time every few months to watch Megamax, Space Time, and Ultimatum as a triple feature, they build off each other nicely.

  1. if you do release the DC version will you use the script from over-time with additional dialogues from tv-nihon.  Also, could you check when you load in 720p format, cause 3.0 G.B. from the original seems too big.

    1. I have no intention of creating a hybridized version using TV-N and O-T scripts like that. As it stands, it will remain theatrical cut only. As for the file size, it uses the same profile as the Fourze and Drive episodes. I’m not doing anything differently with the encodes for the movies than I am with the series, and for a movie that is 4x the length of a single episode, I think 3GB is perfectly acceptable. You are, of course, free to disagree. That will not change the fact that I’m happy with the file sizes and will not be making further changes.

    2. TV-Nihon messed up some of the dialog in the extra DC bits (for example, there’s a number of ways to write Stronger’s catchphrase, but “blood” isn’t in any of them). If I get the DC raw, I have someone who’ll redo the DC parts (for the material in common with the theatrical release, AFAIK they plan to use the O-T script, more or less), and someone else who’ll put up the release.

      Don’t expect it soon, however, they’re busy and this is a side thing.

    1. I’d like to, but at this time, no, unless I can get my hands on the BDMVs elsewhere. My budget won’t allow for me to buy the BD Collection 1 out in a couple weeks, so short of a sudden donation to buy it, I won’t be getting it.

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