Nyaa’s Gone. So, What’s Next?

UPDATE: If you’re at this page, you probably landed here from an episode post that no longer works and referenced Nyaa in the link. With Nyaa’s closing, those links are discontinued. You can likely find a batch for what you were looking for in the Completed Series section in the right of the nav-bar at the top of this page. The temporary partial batches for the 3 running series at the time have been discontinued and are now available as complete series.


RELEVANT INFO FROM ORIGINAL POST: So, in case you haven’t heard by now, it appears that Nyaa has ridden off into the sunset and probably isn’t coming back. Since all of our torrents were tracked through Nyaa, obviously, that means that getting the downloads is going to be a bit of an issue right now.


We’ve followed Over-Time’s lead and shifting over to using AniDex, and the torrents for all the existing batches and movies are back online, as well as the individual Ex-Aid torrents. Pages that still link to a Nyaa torrent should redirect here (if you find one that doesn’t, please let me know), and updated links will mention AniDex in the torrent link.

18 thoughts on “Nyaa’s Gone. So, What’s Next?”

  1. I’ve also sent you a bunch of Tweets, but could you please help me get the project into speed? I would really appreciate it.


  2. Have you thought about using magnet links? I have a feeling that moving to another tracker is just going to result in a game of whack-a-mole.

    1. I’ve included magnet links on every release since day one. I’d still prefer to have a tracker connected to the torrents as a fallback. I’m looking into a few options though.

    2. One more thing if you do want the torrent use the magnet link, don’t download it but make it download the server data (when it says connecting to peers it’s done, or downloading) Then go to Roaming,type in %AppData% to get it, and then find Utorrent or your version of it, copy that file, and you’ll have it. The file is automatically made in your computer to launch the torrent, it’s just not in your fownload folder


    1. Yeah, yeah… I’ll get around to unfucking things over there at some point. I’ve honestly lost the last bits of passion I had for the anime site. It’s too much work for too little payoff these days. I’ll force myself to finish the Digimon project and finish the 0079 Movie 3 dub recut, and then I’m done until RightStuf announces if the US SEED BDs will have the dub. If they don’t, I’ll revive the SEED project. Until then, I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude.

  3. Hi,

    Sorry, just some totally random questions: will you be doing things like collecting Masked Rider: The First and The Next into their own batch? What about doing a batch for the all the Movie Wars/Spring Break Specials/Crossover movies? Or possibly a batch for all the 3D encodes? Did the Director’s cut of the Kamen Rider W movie (https://live.ozc-anime.com/2016/04/kamen-rider-w-forever-a-to-zthe-gaia-memories-of-fate-directors-cut/) ever get added to the Kamen Rider W batch?


    1. I’m most likely going to just re-post the batches as-is, that way people only have to re-add the torrent and not move files or redownload anything. Movies will remain as single torrents.

      1. And if you want you can make it yourself and drop the link to your own torrent witch thos files right here. He doesn’t have to do everything ya know! XD
        No offense of course but I see this a lot, people that just start asking for batches and re-do’s, V2’s and things while why can’t you do any of those yourself? Just my point of view.

        1. Actually, I’d prefer people didn’t do that. Adding more torrents will fracture the seeder base, so I’d prefer people just wait for me to upload the torrents myself.

          1. But if you say you’re not doing it, than they can do with the files whatever they want right? M sorry to say it but I think the seeders base is not a relevant argument not to do it. Making your own batches and putting them on the internet is not illegal right, you can do whatever you want with the files, right? But Eh if you want to do it, alright, go ahead. As mentoined, my point of view.

            1. I mean, yeah, I can’t stop anyone from doing what they want, but I disagree that the seeder base isn’t a relevant argument. If I can almost immediately restore the number of seeders on the batches by just having them update the torrent, that’s a lot easier than having to rebuild the seeders from scratch. Not to mention, the odds are, based on past history, as soon as my batches go up, secondary batches not created by me will die off. I’ve seen it plenty of times before.

              1. Oh yeah I think we’re in a misunderstanding kind of situation, to start of I suggested that your torrent would be the same, and if somebody else wants to keep all other files on his PC and make a torrent of it, then I would say yes do it. The creator, which I forgot to mention should always be seeding it himself. That’s what I meant by it, not some guy randomly throwing out batch torrent  and then leaving again, that’s total bullshit and it just makes a mess. For example, I would want to have all movies you did, then I make a torrent, upload it, and keep seeding it untill the interest has died of completely, and then erase the torrent again. Sorry for not explaining well, and I see your point, yes the seeders base will die of if everyone is going to spread, if the creator doesn’t seed. And  for the Ani-Dex torrent thing, I completely agree with you on that, no changes needed will make it easier for everyone.

  4. so will you be uploading the rest of the Ex-Aid episodes, or just 9 and 10 for now and when the movie war raw is out you then post 11 and 12, based on how events take place in between them.

    1. The rest of the episodes will go up as soon as I have time to finish them. I simply haven’t had the time lately. I’ve never held back episodes to wait for a movie except on shows that already have the movies done, and since there’s no clear timeframe for when the movie will be subbed, I’m not holding it back.

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