Kamen Rider OOO Wrap Up

Another Rider down, but still plenty to go!


OOO is complete at last, and it didn’t take as long as W did, so that’s a big plus. This was actually the first time I’d watched every episode of OOO in order as I’d skipped some of the middle parts in the past. While W still holds as my favorite Rider, I have to say OOO was certainly a solid followup to come right after it.


Since I did a wrap up post for W to detail what’s next, I figured I’d keep that trend going with OOO as well. Unlike W, OOO doesn’t have any post-series movies other than the annual teamup with the next Rider and a few assorted appearances in other movies, but with no major starring roles and the BDs lacking any Hyper Battle Video or anything of that sort (did OOO even have one? I have no idea), this is about it for Eiji and company. I am hoping to be able to do the 3D version of OOO Wonderful in the future, pending availability of the source.


A batch will be coming soon, but I need to check as I think I may patch a couple of the early episodes to fix some minor sub gaffes I missed (mostly episode titles during the previews). The batch will probably go up by next weekend, assuming the seedbox is working properly by then.


Unlike last time, where we announced OOO once W was over, many of you that follow the site or our Twitter know that I purchased both the Fourze and Wizard BD boxes several months ago. While W, OOO, Gaim, and several of the earlier Heisei Rider shows have been uploaded to various torrent sites, Fourze and Wizard were and still are M.I.A., but since I have the BDs we need, Fourze is up next! Fourze was my first Rider series, so it holds a sentimental spot with me and I’m looking forward to revisiting it.


I’ve also been considering juggling Gaim at the same time as I’ve heard a fair bit of demand for BD versions of it. I haven’t settled on doing that yet, but it’s looking more and more probable. Let me know in the comments if you want to see me start it sooner. (and yes Akibaranger fans, I’ll be finishing Season 1 soon!)


Lastly, before I start on Fourze, which will probably kick off in the next week or so, if anyone knows of any particular things that I should look at to fix with regards to the subs, please let me know in the comments. We’ll use the Over-Time subs for sure, but if there is demand, I’ll also include the Aesir subs as an alternate option, so let me know what you want to see!


That about does it for this post so watch for Fourze soon! IT’S SPACE TIME!

25 thoughts on “Kamen Rider OOO Wrap Up”

  1. UCHUUU KITAAAAAA! Fourze happens to be my first rider series too, so this is going to be awesome. 🙂

    OOO did have a hyper battle video, but it was this weird quiz/choose-your-own adventure thing. TVN did do it, if you want to see it. I have no clue if a raw for it exists anywhere.



  2. Cool, Fourze was my first series as well. Also, don’t do Gaim just yet, Bunny Hat finished it recently, so it shouldn’t come before, say, Wizard.

    1. Right, but BunnyHat’s release is just raws. Still, I’ll mark that in the “wait” column.

  3. I say you should add the Aesir track as an alternate option. I’d appreciate it. And thanks for finishing OOO!

  4. I vote for Gaim sooner (or an alternating release with Fourze or however you want to do it).

    Also, I vote for Aesir as an option for Fourze; as a remastered/definitive version, that seems like a good thing to do.

    1. Fourze is up next no matter what, and I’ve got enough votes now from here and Twitter that make doing the Aesir tracks worthwhile. That might mean slightly slower releases (as if I wasn’t slow enough, am I right?) since I’ll need to check two tracks, but that’s fine.

  5. I don’t know why but each time i try to watch Fourze, i hate it.

    Maybe it’s the “Be my friend” thing that annoy me but i’ll for sure try to give another shot at the show and who knows, maybe i’ll be able to watch it entirely 😉

    But for the after Fourze, could you do Wizard instead of Gaim ?
    Wizard has a special spot for me as it is the show that made me watch Kamen Rider again after i stopped watching it when i was a child and nobody yet has shared the BD version.

    1. Wizard is on the list since, as I mentioned, I bought the BDs for it as well. Gaim is only being considered right now as a secondary show to start because of demand for it.

  6. Thanks, OZC, you’re awesome! Please concentrate on one Rider at a time. Besides, Urobutcher is overrated and Gaim is crap.

    May I ask what about Director’s Cuts of other movies? I believe OOO Wonderful was the first movie that got BD of DC, will you do it? Or re-edit of W Forever & Movie War Core, like you did with Movie War 2010?

    1. The only DC cuts left I am able to do are going to be W Forever and Movie War Core as those are the only ones that have subs for the extended scenes, so at some point I’ll finish the re-edits for those. OOO Wonderful, Megamax, the Extended Fourze episodes, all the rest, DC subs were never done so I don’t have any way to do those. Plus, with the exception of Megamax and maybe the Fourze summer movie, I don’t have the DC BDs, so I’d have to buy those if someone were to sub them for us.

      1. Does that mean no Fourze finale directors cuts? I’d really love to see it. Does it come with the Fourze Blurays or is it sold seperate?

        No chance Over-Time would help you out releasing them?

        1. The Director’s Cuts for the Finale and Episodes 31/32 are sold separately, so I’d have to order those. I can certainly ask Over-Time about it, but knowing that they are quite busy as it is with the weeklies and that stuff like the W revisit were on their “want to do them but no idea when” list, getting DCs of stuff from Fourze done anytime soon is wishful thinking at best. I might pick up those BDs at some point just to have them for future use, and to get them before they become hard to find, but my budget is tight right now between G-Reco and the upcoming Evangelion box I’m still considering getting for the Anime site, the next Drive BD Box in July, and a bunch of Figuarts over the next few months, plus trying to get the Shift Cars I’m missing from my Drive toyline collection.

      2. Wait, you have the Megamax DC BD? Because the whole reason that no one but T-N (and that one Italian group) did the DC is just because no one else had a raw. Hell, I’d have done it by now if I had a raw.

        1. Yeah, it’s been on ADC for a long time now. I had to buy the theatrical cut just so I’d have a copy of the non-DC. I’d be glad to encode a raw for you if you’d like.

            1. OK, I’ll put it on my encoding box tomorrow since I’m already at work now. I can email you when it’s done, assuming your email address you commented with is ok to use.

  7. I hope you’ll do Kamen Rider Fourze, followed by Kamen Rider Wizard and then Gaim. 😀

    Also, I’ll be waiting for OOO batch torrent, since a lot of the earlier torrents have no more seeds :/

    Thanks! ^.^

    1. Fourze, Wizard, and Gaim are all a matter of when, not if. Fourze is next up and will probably start releasing this weekend. As for the OOO batch, the individual torrents should have seeds again because our seedbox has it all but was down for a few days.

  8. Will you, by any chance, do Kamen Rider V3? It’s subbed by Generation Kikaida and I couldn’t find any DVDISO’s downloads on the Internet. And also, it’s quite expensive! I hope you’ll add this to the waiting/releases list next time for your projects. 🙂

    1. I’d likely only consider it if their license lapsed and these was no indication of it being picked up again. My policy for the Anime site carries over here too, it’s just much less likely to take effect. That policy being that we don’t encode anything that has an official release unless there is a superior source available. If V3 gets BDs, we’d maybe do it, but I don’t have those V3 DVDs either so we’d need those as a source for the subs.

  9. Hi, I think the torrent for OOO Episode 34 has no seeds. I’m stuck at 0B/s at 5.50%. Please help 🙁

    1. All 48 episodes and the movies are active on our seedbox, so if you can connect to that, you should get decent speeds. We’ll have a batch up soon as well.

  10. Hi, sorry for bothering you. But I think Drive episode 07 1080p doesn’t have any seeds, because I was stuck at 0% for the past 5 hours+ in my client. Could you please help me to check if your seedbox is seeding it? Thank you for your help.

    1. All 12 Drive episodes are on the box and seeding, so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be getting a seed from it.

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