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Status of Direct Downloads Going Forward

As some of you may have noticed with the release of the latest ToQGer episodes, the DDLs for the 1080p encodes are not entirely up to date. Unfortunately, this is due to changes at Mega that have rendered the existing DDL structure unsustainable.


What I’d done in the past was take advantage of my webhost having unlimited emails and Mega’s 50GB free accounts. This is why shows with 1080p encodes are split into two accounts, since most 1080p series take up more than 50GB over the span of 48-or-so episodes. However, recently, they instituted a change that only grants most of that 50GB of space temporarily, and reduces users down to something like 15GB of space after those free boosts expire. While I believe that the older DDL accounts created before the change are unaffected, newer accounts like the 2nd half of ToQ in 1080p aren’t able to hold enough data.


While the system I’d used to create these accounts was semi-automated, it’s definitely too clunky to continue if the storage is that far reduced. Obviously, I was abusing the free account system, so I can’t really complain here. But, this did leave me needing to decide if I was going to push for donations towards a premium account to hold all the DDLs in a single account, or seek out an alternate option.


I reached out to kamsamnida of in an effort to see if it might be possible to coordinate with uploading new releases directly to the site, which is already one of, if not the best DDL source for toku around. After discussing a few hurdles for each of us to clear, we’ve begun to setup everything for transitioning the DDLs over to there. Some of the releases are already available there, mostly older completed shows.


There’s currently no ETA on when the full migration will take place, so for now, the Mega links will remain. Unfortunately, I can’t promise what, if any, new releases will have Mega DDLs from this point until the move to KRDL. I expect everything but ToQ 1080p Part 2 will be fine as those accounts were all created a few months ago, but if the adjustments are retroactive to other free accounts, a lot of files are going to go missing. UPDATE: Kyu 1080p Part 2 is also impacted, with Episode 36 just barely fitting, so once Box 4 starts, 37 and above will not be available.


If you enjoy having the DDLs, please consider throwing even a few bucks towards their server costs (a PayPal link is at the bottom of the main page or sign up for a premium account to get extra features) as kamsamnida is footing the bill for the upgrade that’s making this possible.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below and I’ll try and address what I can or follow up with kamdamnida to get more details where possible.

Nyaa’s Gone. So, What’s Next?

UPDATE: If you’re at this page, you probably landed here from an episode post that no longer works and referenced Nyaa in the link. With Nyaa’s closing, those links are discontinued. You can likely find a batch for what you were looking for in the Completed Series section in the right of the nav-bar at the top of this page. The temporary partial batches for the 3 running series at the time have been discontinued and are now available as complete series.


RELEVANT INFO FROM ORIGINAL POST: So, in case you haven’t heard by now, it appears that Nyaa has ridden off into the sunset and probably isn’t coming back. Since all of our torrents were tracked through Nyaa, obviously, that means that getting the downloads is going to be a bit of an issue right now.


We’ve followed Over-Time’s lead and shifting over to using AniDex, and the torrents for all the existing batches and movies are back online, as well as the individual Ex-Aid torrents. Pages that still link to a Nyaa torrent should redirect here (if you find one that doesn’t, please let me know), and updated links will mention AniDex in the torrent link.

We’re Back!

While we were down for less than a week, we’re back again and ready to release more W!


The site’s current theme is temporary until we finish work on our final design, but the episode posts have been restored, as well as updated with magnet links on all of them. There may be things that aren’t working, so if you stumble across something, let me know and I’ll try and get it fixed.


Anyway, welcome back and look for more W in the next few days!