Completed Series

Kamen Rider W

49 Episodes + 3 Movies + 2 Shorts


Complete TV Series + Shorts Batch


Kamen Rider W Forever – A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate

-Theatrical Cut-   -Theatrical Cut 3D Ver.-   -Director’s Cut-


Kamen Rider W Returns

-Kamen Rider Accel-   -Kamen Rider Eternal-


Complete TV+Movies Hardsub MP4 (Mega) – Courtesy of JP317


Kamen Rider OOO

48 Episodes + 1 Movie + 1 DC Episode


Complete TV Series Batch (Includes Final Episode DC)


Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful The Movie – The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals

-Theatrical Cut-   -Theatrical Cut 3D Ver.-


Complete TV+Movie Hardsub MP4 (Mega) – Courtesy of JP317


Kamen Rider Fourze

48 Episodes


Complete TV Series Batch

Complete TV Hardsub MP4 (Mega) – Courtesy of JP317


Kamen Rider Wizard

53 Episodes


Complete TV Series Batch 


Kamen Rider Drive

48 Episodes + Spring Break Special


Complete TV Series Batch (Includes Spring Break Special)


Kamen Rider Ghost

50 Episodes


Complete TV Series Batch


Kamen Rider Amazons

13 Episodes + Bonus Material


Complete Series Batch + Bonus Material


Kamen Rider Crossovers

Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie Wars 2010

-Theatrical Cut & Director’s Cut-


Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider OOO & W feat. Skull: Movie War Core

 -Theatrical Cut-


OOO · Den-O · All Riders – Let’s Go Kamen Riders


Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War MEGA MAX

Theatrical Cut



Power Rangers Samurai Episode 3 – Dual Audio 1080p

Tensou Sentai Goseiger – Epic on the Movie 3D

Pirate Sentai Gokaiger The Movie – The Flying Ghost Ship 3D




20 thoughts on “Completed Series”

  1. Hi, a few weeks back someone asked me if I could do some hardsubs of your W and OOOs encodes so I was just wondering if that was OK with you? Oh I also probably should’ve mentioned sooner but I do the HD hardsubs that are found in the comments of Over-Time, do hardsubs for MFC and have worked with GUIS and others.

    Someone I once asked said something along the lines of “I don’t own them, so you don’t have to ask” but it’s more of a matter of respect 🙂

    Oh also I’m half tempted to use my computer’s 3D for the first time ever to watch W Forever 😀

  2. By all means, feel free to do hardsubbed versions. I’m all for getting them available to as many people as possible and like you said already, no need to ask, though I appreciate the thought anyway.

    If you do up a batch on Mega or a torrent batch, let me know and I’ll link it here and in the main batch post.

    As for the 3D, it’s pretty neat. I’ll be getting the 3D OOO movie too so that’ll be fun, even if it’s not a great movie.

    1. Sorry for leaving it nearly a week before replying I just wanted to have something up before I did and so far the series is up, so only the movies and such to go. I upload all my stuff to Mega as my internet speeds aren’t that good and therefore would have slow as hell torrents so yeah W folder link for Mega –!l4xl0BaR!ZFWYkLHY4AWO9fKY_Mp3Ag

      With OOO I might wait until you’ve completed the series or I might slowly trickle them out I’m not sure yet but whatever I do I’ll probably just tweet the Mega folder link at you.

      And thank you for doing these and being so cool with the hardsubs 🙂

  3. I can’t think of a good place to ask this, and I couldn’t find an e-mail address or anything to ask you guys privately…

    I see that you have the ToQger BDs vol. 1-12 on your wishlist. I own all of them (with the box which I absolutely adore, it’s so shiny!), unopened/unwatched, and I’ve been saving them for ripping the ISOs/making MKVs once I build a PC and learn how to do all of that. I’m a collector and they’re not for sale at the moment, but do you guys want to own your own copies to do the awesome work you do here, or do you just need them for encoding? I would be open to lending them out if I could get them sent back to me, or I could just send you guys the ISOs whenever I end up building my PC and learning how to do that — and of course I understand if you would rather own the BDs yourself. Just pitching an idea out there. 🙂 I’ve seen very little of ToQger but I absolutely love what I’ve seen and I think it deserves to be seen in the highest quality possible.

    1. Sending us the ISOs would be very helpful. If you have a BluRay drive on your computer we can go over how to rip them. If you do not, we are open to a lending, and would, naturally, make sure your discs are treated with the utmost care. Stop by the IRC chat to discuss this more.

      1. Not the best idea in the world, nothing really happens in the series and the movie is also very slow, sorry just my thoughts, keep up the great work

  4. I’m not sure if this is the best place  to  ask, but did any of the later Drive BD come with a OST disc? The first (and I think only) soundtrack disc only cover the first 20-25 episodes

    1. Nope, if it had, I’ve have ripped something like that for sure. Aside from the bonus BDs, which include the Tokujo shorts and such, there aren’t any other extras included with the series releases. Kind of a shame too, considering like you said, the OST only covered the first 25 or so episodes.

      1. According to an anon on /krg/, the last Hero Club edition Drive DVD/BD (these seems to only have 2 episodes each like an anime BD, considering the 30 minutes runtime. Only thing I can find about it is a listing on AmiAmi for Vol 1, as well as Vol1/2 of Ghost) contained an OST disc entitled LAST DRIVE. It seems to be a limited edition thing though sadly.


        1. Ah, gotcha. Yeah, that’s not a BD I picked up, since that kind of thing rarely has anyone that would be interested in subbing it, so I shy away from those. No sense spending the money on something I can’t understand.

    1. Over-Time did Kamen Rider 3 and did a BD release (in fact, I provided them the BD for it) so there was no need for us to do it.

    1. No, because we don’t sub things ourselves, we rely on existing translations, and once Over-Time does the movie, they’ll do a BD encode anyway, so there will be no need.

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