14 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze Complete Series Batch”

        1. We weren’t made aware of the existence of the dub until Episode 35 aired. The method we use to capture the dub only leaves us a window of two weeks to capture a previous episode, so we could only go back as far as Episode 34. If we can obtain the rest of the dub audio in some way in the future, we will.

    1. As I said above, there are no dub sources available for 1-33. We can’t add what we don’t have.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. The dub exists for Fourze, but we don’t have a source for it other than Episodes 34-48. The method we use to capture them, myself and Kitsunelaine (who helps me capture the Wizard dub) didn’t know about the site we get the dubs from until after 1-33 were no longer online. So unless someone has the audio we need, we can’t do a complete dub version.

    1. Over-Time never subbed them, so I didn’t pick up the BDs for them. While I imagine they never subbed them because they didn’t have a source for them, I’d be happy to get them if they wanted to sub them, but considering the size of their backlog, I would imagine that going back and doing old extended cuts of Fourze episodes is the lowest of low on their priority list. So it’s probably not gonna happen any time soon.

        1. Two problems with that. One, this batch is already done. Short of a critical error, I’m not going back to revisit it. Two, TV-N hardsubs their encodes and I have zero interest in trying to OCR those to add an extra track. Honestly, it was enough trouble adding both the O-T and Aesir tracks since it was 3x the work.

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