Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider OOO & W feat. Skull: Movie War Core


Part 1 –  Kamen Rider Skull: Message for Double

Confronting a mysterious enemy, the Pteranodon Yummy, Kamen Rider Double receives aid from Ryu, who is forced to fight as himself due to his bride-to-be Akiko taking his Accel Memory and Accel Driver. No sooner did the Pteranodon Yummy fly off then Akiko arrives and is infuriated that the Kamen Riders were too occupied to go attend her wedding to the point of breaking into tears and threatening to call her wedding to Ryu off. However, Akiko is more upset that her father is not able to attend the wedding and demands to know why he even became a Kamen Rider in the first place. This attracts the Pteranodon Yummy as it uses the Memory Memory on her to give her the answer to her question…


Part 2 –  Kamen Rider OOO: Nobunaga’s Desire

At the Kougami Foundation, Kousei Kougami talks of the most avaricious man in Japan, Oda Nobunaga, whose final resting place was found. With Doctor Maki overseeing the process, Kougami commissions the creation of a Cell Medal homunculus based on Nobunaga himself.


Part 3 –  Movie War Core

Having obtained the most intense Kamen Rider battles in the Memory Memory, the male Pteranodon Yummy is caught off guard when the black Core Medals appear and combine with the Gaia Memory into the giant Kamen Rider Core, much to Akiko’s horror as Eiji saves her. As Eiji assures Akiko that her father had his reasons for being a Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Core begins to destroy the area as Kamen Riders OOO and Double team up to fight the enemy. However, Kamen Rider Core proves too powerful and the two go underground to destroy the Gaia Memory’s source of power to even the odds.

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    1. Nope, I’m behind on the Director’s Cut custom recut jobs like I did with Movie Wars 2010. I’m still working on the one for A to Z. I plan to do one for this as well though. None of the DCs ever got BD releases until Fourze, and Toei never went back and re-released them either, so for now, the partial upscales will have to do.

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