Kamen Rider Ghost Complete Series Batch

Complete Series Batch

Time to get spooky with Ghost in one complete batch!


Contains Episodes 1-50 in either 1080p or 720p. Fixes include:

  • v2 version for Episode 6 (fixes episode preview belt sounds)
  • v2 version for Episode 9 (fixes an error with two words being reversed)
  • v2 version for Episode 36 (fixes an error with text for days remaining not matching text displayed on screen)

Click on the episode numbers to get the patches if you already have these episodes. Otherwise, the DDL mirrors have been updated with the v2s and of course, the batch includes them.


1080p Batch – Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

720p Batch – Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

Download Subtitle Script Pack

4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Ghost Complete Series Batch”

  1. Reminder to everyone else reading this:

    According to Wikipedia episodes 39 through 42 had special short stories to promote the Ghost Movie (just like Drive did) that weren’t included in the Blu-rays, so if you want to see those it may be worth it to keep the TV encodes.

    Also there was an episode in the twenties that had a similar 2 minute special after the episode proper that wasn’t included in the blu-rays.

    1. Ah, thanks for mentioning that. I mentioned both of those in the episode posts but yeah, keep the TV encodes if you want those extras.

      1. Yeah, it’s good to note it on the batches as well for any latecomers.

        Also the other episode was specifically Episode 25. (I couldn’t remember offhand and had to look it up.)

        It specifically had “a 3 minute Kamen Rider 45th Anniversary short talking about all the Showa and Heisei Riders, ending with a promo for the Kamen Rider 1 film. ”  It really is a shame that things like these aren’t included in the Blu-rays.

        1. I wish they’d at least include the movie prequel episodes with the movies on the bonus disc. I couldn’t care less if I include them with the episodes or on their own, I’d just like to be able to have them in clean BD quality.

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