Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 24

Episode 24: Appearance! The Mysterious Warrior!

Akari and the others cannot believe that Makoto, who saved Alain from harm, was only an Eyecon. Takeru, now knowing that Makoto’s body is in the Ganma world, intends to go but the others stop him. Sightings of a porcupine monster have been reported. It seems to be different than a Ganma. As Takeru faces it, a red warrior appears to help him…

This episode features the 2nd half of the crossover with Animal Sentai Zyuohger. Unlike the last two years, where the crossover special was a bonus episode, this year, the crossovers were aired as regular episodes in the series episode counts. Now that we have the first Zyuohger BD Box, you can watch the first half of the crossover, Zyuohger Episode 7, by clicking HERE.

That’ll do it for Ghost’s second BD Box!  As mentioned above, there’s no standalone crossover special this year so we’ll be back with more Ghost in October!


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