Animal Sentai Zyuohger Episode 7

Episode 7: It’s A G-G-Go-Ghost!

After forcing her duties of taking the trash out and doing laundry upon Tusk, Amu goes shopping. The other Dethgalien team captain, Kubar, appears and Amu and Tusk face him but he attacks Amu with an injection that turns her into a Moeba! Meanwhile, Yamato and the others are confronted by Fiddlerking, a cyborg from Shocker! However, as the Zyuohgers prepare to fight back, a young man appears and transforms…

This episode features the 1st half of the crossover with Kamen Rider Ghost. Unlike the last two years, where the crossover special was a bonus episode, this year, the crossovers were aired as regular episodes in the series episode counts. You can watch the second half of the crossover, Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 24 by clicking HERE.


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