Kamen Rider Wizard English Dub Batch 1

English Dub Batch 1: Episodes 1-13

With 13 episodes in the bag for the Wizard dub, it’s time to make a batch torrent for those of you who can’t download them from Mega. Not much else to say here other than these are the latest versions of the episodes, as I made a few minor track tagging fixes and replaced the files on Mega quietly. We’ll do another batch after Episode 26. Enjoy!

Download 720p Batch

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Download Subtitle Scripts


3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Wizard English Dub Batch 1”

  1. If The Kamen Rider Wizard English Dubs Episodes 1-13 has released. I will watch it! But I saw Episodes 14 & 15 are missing at toggle.sg. I saw it last everyday. You guys record it? Enjoy it!

    1. Yes, as I’ve told you twice on Twitter now, we have 14-16 recorded and will release them when I have time to make the edits.

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