Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 8

Episode 8: Go, Men! Fly High!

Taiga manages to capture the Bugster which escaped during the last battle and obtains the Jet Combat Gashat, holding the Bugster, and thus the patient, hostage in exchange for the other Riders’ Gashats. When they arrive to challenge him, he decides only he is needed to fight the Bugster, and tries to destroy Ex-Aid and Brave.


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5 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 8”

  1. How is the progress on Gaim? ETA on when we can expect another few releases? After the next few of Ex-Aid I would hope.

    1. Yeah, more Gaim will come after Ex-Aid’s done. It seems like yet again, every time I have stretches of no work, something else steals my time to work on Gaim, and then as soon as I’m ready to work on it (or even Ex-Aid in this case), I get a bunch of work projects in all at once. It pays the bills, especially the ones from buying the BD boxes, but it makes things hard to get done.

      1. That’s perfectly fine man, just wanted to know if  you didn’t drop it or anything. If working more means you get to be able to buy more BDs with the trade-off of releasing things less often, that’s perfectly fine with me. Your money, your time. Appreciate the effort you put into this.

  2. I hope this is not into your personal zone but what job do you have? And do you only use that money to get the Blu-Ray’s (and where? ) Thanks already man, the releases are top quality XD


    1. I work IT as a day job, but I work a second job that involves some similarities to what I do here. That’s about all I can say about that since I’d rather it not get back to my employers that I also do this as it’s probably frowned upon. I pretty much try and use the pay from the 2nd job to pay for the BDs now, but depending on project availability, that’s not always possible. I make enough from my regular day job to cover things though. As for where I get them, most everything comes from Amazon Japan, although occasionally, I pick up a few discs from Mandarake.

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