Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 9

Episode 9 – Symphony: IXA, Fist On

Wataru gains the assistance of a violin maker in trying to create an instrument that fits who he is while in 1986, Yuri and Otoya try to decipher the curse of a violin and a monster attacking those who possess it. In both the present and the past, talk of the IXA System leads to the appearance of another Rider on the battlefield…


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Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Complete First Season Batch – 2019 New Encode Edition

Complete First Season Batch – 2019 New Encode Edition

You’re not in the Delusion World and your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you because Akibraranger is back with a new batch for Season 1!


This is a new encode using the new encoding profile we use for… well, pretty much everything for the last few years, including the Akibaranger Season 2 encodes that will start right after this. The original encodes were done using the profile we used during Kamen Rider OOO and many people were unhappy with the file sizes for a 720p encode. While I wasn’t particularly bothered and felt the encodes looked better in static screencaps, in motion, the new encodes look great and episodes have dropped by several hundred MB per episode, so overall, I think it was worth redoing.


There are a few other minor changes, including removal of the sponsor bump after the opening, and some minor subtitle tweaks to sync up with some translations made after these were released before. There are no patches available for this due to the all-new encodes, so this batch is replacing the original one and the files have been tagged with [2019] in the filenames to indicate which is which. Enjoy!

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Kamen Rider Hibiki Episode 29

Volume Twenty-Nine: Shining Boy

After his fall where he loses his phone, Asumu blames himself and Hibiki confronts the boy about being too negative and self-conscious. Meanwhile, Ibuki and Todoroki combine their efforts and battle Douji and Hime, with Eiki joining them in the battle against the Makamou, but it escapes and makes its way toward Hibiki and Asumu’s campsite…


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