Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Complete First Season Batch – 2019 New Encode Edition

Complete First Season Batch – 2019 New Encode Edition

You’re not in the Delusion World and your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you because Akibraranger is back with a new batch for Season 1!


This is a new encode using the new encoding profile we use for… well, pretty much everything for the last few years, including the Akibaranger Season 2 encodes that will start right after this. The original encodes were done using the profile we used during Kamen Rider OOO and many people were unhappy with the file sizes for a 720p encode. While I wasn’t particularly bothered and felt the encodes looked better in static screencaps, in motion, the new encodes look great and episodes have dropped by several hundred MB per episode, so overall, I think it was worth redoing.


There are a few other minor changes, including removal of the sponsor bump after the opening, and some minor subtitle tweaks to sync up with some translations made after these were released before. There are no patches available for this due to the all-new encodes, so this batch is replacing the original one and the files have been tagged with [2019] in the filenames to indicate which is which. Enjoy!

Download 720p Batch

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Download Subtitle Script Pack

4 thoughts on “Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Complete First Season Batch – 2019 New Encode Edition”

  1. Seeing as they use the same encoding profile, do you think that you’ll release new versions of W and/or OOO in the future?

    1. Possibly. Since Akiba S1 was shorter, it made sense to redo right now. My hope is that x265 will get to a place where it offers enough benefit in file size reduction and quality retention and then I can look at using that for future encodes. But that won’t be until I’m at a point where I feel like I’ve completed most/all of what I want to work on for catalog releases.

    1. The only things untranslated there are a nonsense chant (it’s even listed as not being subbed by the Over-Time team in the sub script) and some music, which we never sub considering they’re short snips of theme inserts and are unimportant.

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