Kamen Rider Hibiki Episode 29

Volume Twenty-Nine: Shining Boy

After his fall where he loses his phone, Asumu blames himself and Hibiki confronts the boy about being too negative and self-conscious. Meanwhile, Ibuki and Todoroki combine their efforts and battle Douji and Hime, with Eiki joining them in the battle against the Makamou, but it escapes and makes its way toward Hibiki and Asumu’s campsite…


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3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Hibiki Episode 29”

  1. Hello, thanks for the upload of Hibiki!

    Sorry if the question has already been asked, but will there be a 1080p version of the Hibiki episodes or is 720p the resolution they used while fiming?

    1. Nope, the episodes were shot at 1080i and after checking a 1080p deinterlaced encode vs 720p, there are no gains to be had at 1080p, so just like Kabuto-Fourze, the encodes are 720p only. Plus, if I was going to have done a 1080p encode, it would have started when I began, not 30 episodes in.

  2. OK, thank you for your time. I already downloaded a few of your batches but never got to know why. Now I understand. Hibiki is in 60 fps though, like Kuuga or Agito, so that compensates very much. Thank you for answering to me and for your effort. You’re making great uploads and batches. Even though I already watched all the Heisei Riders, it’s really cool to have proper quality files for my rewatches! Thank you for that and have a good day!

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