Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Complete Series Batch

Complete Series Batch

A bit delayed due to my vacation, but the Ex-Aid series batch is here at last!


This batch contains:

  • Episodes 1-45
  • Kamen Rider Brave – Survive and Live On! Revival of The Beast Riders Squad!

The Snipe Episode Zero files are not included as those are currently incomplete and it is unclear if we’ll be doing Episode 4 due to a lack of RTA subs for that episode. In the future, if we do additional supplemental material like either of the HBVs, we might release an additional “Side Content” batch.


There are a few patched episodes in this batch as well:

  • Episode 4: Corrected several belt sounds on RTA track
  • Episode 14: Corrected a typo in RTA track
  • Episode 15: Corrected a belt sound in RTA track
  • Episode 45: Corrected a belt sound and a typo in RTA track

Patches for all of these can be obtained in the episode posts linked above. DDLs have also been updated with the v2s.


1080p Batch- Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

720p Batch- Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

Download Subtitle Scripts Pack


9 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Complete Series Batch”

  1. Hi, just wondering if it’s possible for you to upload the raw for Gaim Gaiden Duke/Knuckle in case someone else wants to try to translate it since you are busy with newer shows?

    1. No plans at this time because the movie is being worked on right now by the team I spoke of when I finished Gaim up.

      1. That’s awesome, thanks for the update.I was just worried it was forgotten with all the new shows coming out.

    1. Unfortunately, the BDs don’t include clean OPs for the Rider shows, and since there are no EDs for Rider, there’s nothing to do for that.

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