Space Sentai Kyuranger Episode 18

Space 18: Emergency Dispatch! Space Heroes!

Madako has stolen the Pyxis Kyu Globe that the Kyurangers are using to find the Argo! The Kyurangers chase after her but she escapes through a black hole in space! It is said that 99% of those who enter a black hole do not return. Lucky shows no hesitation when he plunges in the black hole himself, but who he meets on the other side are…?!


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8 thoughts on “Space Sentai Kyuranger Episode 18”

  1. Cool! It’s nice you’re handling the raws/distribution for the Den-O scrub, but I have a question:

    Are you going to tag the files something like [Earthly-OZC-Live], like how Earthly did their other releases, so we know that this will be different than your usual fare? (Or could you at least consider doing something like that, please and thanks?)

    1. The plans for tagging haven’t been decided. If we co-tag them, I’ll drop the “-Live” bit off because although I used to use just OZC for my anime encodes, I think it’ll be pretty obvious that it’s OZC-Live and not OZC-Anime involved.

  2. Could you post Kyuranger opening with clean credits, please? I think in the first volume has it.

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