Space Sentai Kyuranger Episode 4

Space 4: The Dreaming Android

The Orion comes to Earth, where they discover Jark Matter has positioned numerous ships and Malistrates to drain the planet. Lucky and the others head down, where the Malistrate Yumepakkun steals and eats the dreams of children. Meanwhile, Raptor dreams of fighting together with the Kyurangers, and her wild ideas and fascinations with fighting are only getting bigger!


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10 thoughts on “Space Sentai Kyuranger Episode 4”

    1. 4 Ex-Aid episodes will be up tomorrow night after I get home from the movies and run the QC passes. I forgot how much extra time it was going to take to set up the new DDL accounts and such for Kyuranger, so preparation for release took longer than I anticipated.

  1. Keep getting this error message on the DDL, “Error: File too big to be reliably handled in memory.” and it won’t download. Does this for all the Kyuranger DDLs. Any ideas?

    1. Never had that particular issue, but you might want to try a different browser or close out all your tabs except for that one, since it’s saying it’s a memory error.

      1. Same error message on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Torrents are being horrible on these too. Either Transmission isn’t connecting to anyone at 100% or no one is seeding. Oh well.

        1. Well, my seedbox is always seeding, so it’s likely an issue with Transmission. Beyond that, I’ll try downloading the DDL this evening and see if I can grab it, but that’s definitely a new error I’ve never seen.

          1. Thanks. I did get the torrents to download on my phone so it had to be Transmission being finicky. Thanks for all the work these look great!

    2. Out of curiosity, was that message happen when you try the 1080p version since it was over 1.0 GB?

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