Space Sentai Kyuranger Episode 3

Space 3: The Man from the Desert Planet

On the desert planet of Needle, a danger of explosion has been identified due to Jark Matter sucking up the planet’s “Planetium” energy. To prevent the explosion, Lucky and the others go down to Planet Needle to fight against Jark Matter. There, a man with a Kyutama named Stinger appears and transforms into the 8th Kyuranger…


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11 thoughts on “Space Sentai Kyuranger Episode 3”

  1. Hi! Are you going to edit some of the subs to maintain consistency? They called the Consumarz as “Moraimarz” (their original Japanese name) in this episode but changed it in the next ones. Also, just a note, but there are going to be some translation issues in the future (including the 3 Argo KyuTama NOT being all on Earth, Scorpio/Capricorn [the Zodiac names] used over Scorpius/Capricornus [the proper constellation names], Scutum [shield constellation] changed to Scotum at times, and Episode 32 using “Malistrate” (Daikaan) in the first scene rather than “Menaster” [Karo, which what Eridrone is)] so if you could change it would great.

    1. The Moraimarz/Consumarz one is a good catch and one I intended to fix and it just didn’t click when I did my QC pass, so I’ll patch that at some point (possibly not until the batch since it’s not super critical). Regarding the Kyutama names, if O-T’s been consistent about using the Zodiac names, then that’s likely an intentional choice and one I won’t change, but if there’s an inconsistency, I’ll revise it (I’m like 20+ episodes behind on Kyu so I’ve basically forgotten what terms they ended up going with as things went on). Good call on the thing in Episode 32, I’ll try and make a note of that since it’ll be 6 months or so before I get that episode on BD. Same with the Argo Kyutama thing.

      1. The thing with O-T, is that they converted the Japanese names (usually the constellation name without the “-za” [to denote that it is a thing, but in “constellation form”]) into their classical constellation name equivalent, which perfectly matches the 88. I think the error was because Scorpio and Capricorn were the more commonly known names for them, even though they are not their official IUPAC names (which was the source of O-T for the other constellations). O-T made the correction, because you’ll notice on this episode, they used Scorpio, but you would eventually see that in Episode 5, they changed it to Scorpius. The Capricorn one (used during Episode 20, I think that Stinger used) was changed to Capricornus at Episode 33 I think.

        1. Gotcha, yeah, if they changed it later, then it’s something I definitely want to update earlier episodes with too. Like I said, I’m pretty far behind, so any revisions they make that I need to fix up in early episodes, I appreciate them being pointed out because it’s hard to scrub through the scripts on those later episodes looking for something that’s been changed if I don’t know that it was, if that makes sense. I honestly forgot they’d revised Scorpio to Scorpius in Episode 5 too, so since I’m gonna fix up the Consumarz thing, I’ll fix that while I’m at it.

  2. I wonder if you can probably deliver the patch for this episode (the Moraimarz-Consumarz thing) earlier?

    I’m running low on HDD drive, so I’ve been planning to get your 1080p release and have it burn onto a DVD every 4GB to save space. If you’re waiting to fix it in the batch, that means I need to wait until all Blurays (12 volumes?) are out. That would take ages… ahahaha. So if it’s not a problem or anything, I sincerely hope you can deliver the patch earlier. At least, until episode 10, or 8 (volume 2)?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Nah, I won’t wait that long. I’ll try and whip up a patch for it when I work on the next 4 episodes this weekend.

      1. Thanks a lot man! Really appreciate it.

        Oh, by the way, my bad, each Bluray set contains 12 episodes, so there will only be 4 sets (the series will have at most 48 episodes due to breaks). I think batching the episodes per set or per disc (6 episodes) can be reasonable.

        Also, a few notes/inputs to help your QC:

        – Over-Time uses the Latin names of constellations for the Kyu Globes naming convention. Occasionaly, it feels inconsistent (like Scutum into Scotum) because much like Katakana, English pronounciation for Latin can also varied. If you want, you can refer to the names on to keep them consistent.

        – Xiao Long Bao or Shou Ronpo? Both are acceptable. Shou is basically the Japanese pronunciation, while Xiao is the Chinese one. Rather similar to the case of how Liu Bei is Ryubi in Japanese. So it just depends on which one you choose. Over-Time obviously go with the Chinese, which is a direct pun to a dimsum variety. Hammy/Hammie? Again, both works, eventhough TOEI uses the first.

        Hope that helps! Looking forward for more episode… 😀

          1. A bit late I know, but I’m well aware of when the new sets come out. The spacer actually tells you the release dates for the rest of the sets, and I check Amazon several times a week for updates. I’ve had set 2 pre-ordered ever since set 1 arrived.

  3. Say, isn’t the commander’s name supposed to be a pun for xianlonbao, with his actually name being Shou Ronpo?

    1. Beats me. When it comes to stuff like that, I won’t touch it because I have zero idea what the original is going for since I’m not a translator.

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