Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim – Movie Wars Full Throttle


Kamen Rider Gaim: The Last Charge to the Stage

A mechanical lifeform arrives on the planet Kouta and Mai settled on and introduces itself as Megahex, a being that seeks to assimilate all life. Megahex kidnaps Mai and fights Kouta while obtaining data from his memories, which he uses to open a portal to Earth in order to attack it. Despite his power as an Overlord, Gaim is defeated and seemingly destroyed by Megahex over the skies of Zawame City before the astonished eyes of the other Beat Riders. Mitsuzane, being the only Rider left with his Sengoku Driver, steps up to fight back…

Kamen Rider Drive: A Duel With Lupin

As the police confronts a criminal known as Ultimate Lupin, Shinnosuke and Kiriko discover that the thief is actually a Roidmude. After several confrontations in which Lupin escapes from Drive, Mr. Belt takes Shinnosuke to an abandoned mansion where they discover that Cyberoid ZZZ, an artificial Roidmude created by Krim, is missing. Lupin then appears and reveals that he is actually ZZZ, who came to life upon coming into contact with an old, dying master criminal known as Zoruku Tojo. Becoming Kamen Rider Lupin, Tojo battles Drive, leading Krim to make the ultimate sacrifice…

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim – Movie Wars Full Throttle

With Megahex having merged with ZZZ, the Armored Riders make their stand, as Drive arrives, having followed Megahex’s perfected form. As enemies, allies, and fallen friends join together to stop Megahex, Gaim and Drive receive new powers from Mai and take the fight to the Megahex homeworld to end it once and for all…

Like previous movies, we’ve got 3 tracks here, with the revised version, an Over-Time/Aesir hybrid, and the original Over-Time track. Not much was changed here other than the typical revisions.


Revision Notes:

  • Updated Zork Tojo to Zoruku Tojo on Revised track.
  • Changed some Drive terminology to use the translations from Aesir’s subs of the Drive previews (MI-D vs SCU, etc.) on Aesir hybrid track.


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