Kamen Rider Gaim Wrap Up

Well, it’s been a long road, but we’re finally here. Gaim is effectively done, and the “Neo-Heisei” era BDs are now caught up! This project was a lot more involved than the previous ones, where it was more-or-less “slap existing subs onto BD encodes and fix a few minor errors”. Whether you want to look at this as a scrub or just a general unifying revision of multiple subgroups’ translations into one, I’m personally very happy with the results and I hope everyone else is too. If you aren’t, well, that’s why the Aesir subs are included.


So, like many of the other shows, we’re not entirely done with Gaim-related releases. Because of the whole terminology revisions we’ve done, we’re going to be releasing several post-series installments, starting with the Drive/Gaim crossover. I’m particularly happy about that one because as I mentioned back in Drive’s wrap up, Drive is my favorite Rider, so any excuse to drop back in there is welcome. After that, we’ll be doing revisions to Gaim Gaiden Zangetsu & Baron as well. Those will hopefully be out in the next week or so, as time permits for me to do a check pass on them.


Regarding Gaim Gaiden 2, the only translation currently available is from TV-N, and while I considered doing a scrub of that, I’ve been in discussion with a group who might be interested in doing a full translation of it.  Their availability is limited until this fall, so it won’t be getting done anytime soon, but I’d rather wait if it means getting a proper translation. That’s all I have to say on this for now, especially as to which group it is that expressed interest in order to keep people from bugging them about whether they’ll do it.


As usual, a batch release is coming soon. Right now, I only know of one patch I’ll be doing, to revise a name spelling that was changed later on that I forgot about. It’s a fairly non-critical one (Peco > Peko), but I’d rather update it. I do know of a couple instances of some missing exclamation points on some of the belt calls but those are so trivial that I won’t bother patching those. We’ll also have a design gallery coming in a few days as well, once I have time to extract and sort the images.


As for what’s next, since we’re now caught up with current shows, there are a few things we’ll be jumping back into. First up, Ex-Aid Box 2 and Zyuohger Box 4 are coming in a couple more weeks, so we’ll be knocking those out. After that, work will resume on ToQGer to head towards finishing that. For the Rider fans, we’ll be returning to the Wizard dubs now that some time has passed and I’m not also working on all the revisions to Gaim. I’m also finally going to return to working on Black RX, and likely re-releasing the first two episodes since I want to make some additional changes. I’m also working on some OOO and Fourze DCs that I posted about on Twitter a few weeks back, so hopefully, those will be available soon. Lastly, the Decade project is still planned but hasn’t really started yet, so I’ll have more details on that when I can share them.


If you’d told me almost 4 years ago that I’d have encoded and released 7 1/2  Kamen Rider shows (Amazons S1 and Ex-Aid Box 1 count for that extra half) by now, I don’t know that I’d have believed you, but here we are. Still can’t quite believe it myself. Anyway, thanks for sticking with me on this journey so far and there’s still a lot more to come!

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  1. Wow man, you kept your promise. Thanks for the releases man, you really worked hard here. The effort and speed the last few days were very good!

    Looking out for ToQger and Ex-Aid/Zyuogher releases! Well done

  2. Keep on doing such a great job..

    Glad to hear that i can finally get more Toqger.

    Thank you so much.

  3. > I’m personally very happy with the results and I hope everyone else is too. If you aren’t, well, that’s why the Aesir subs are included.

    Whoohoo! We have the definitive version of Gaim in 1080p. Believe me, I’m _very_ happy with this. Also, maybe Toggle.sg (or whatever the service is) will start airing Gaim dubs now that this is finished.


    >Gaim Gaiden 2

    Nice! Congrats on this. 🙂 I think that this would be your third foray into subbing instead of merely scrubbing/editing after the Decade project and the OOO and Fourze DCs. I’m looking forward to all of them.


    >As usual, a batch release is coming soon. 

    Is the Gaim/ToQger spring break special going to be included in the batch (like the Drive/Ninninger one was) or will it just be treated like a standalone movie?


    >First up, Ex-Aid Box 2 and Zyuohger Box 4 are coming in a couple more weeks, so we’ll be knocking those out.

    Since this is probably the last chance for feedback before Ex-Aid box 2 (and since you edit in batches), I’d like to report a typo in the Excite subs for Ex-Aid Episode 14.  Around the 5:17 mark, Dan is discussing anyone exposed to that much of the virus “should died”. The line should be “should die” or “should have died”. Thanks.


    >  I’m also finally going to return to working on Black RX,

    🙂 Is there any way we can request that you don’t take on too much work at once? As I understand Black RX and the Wizard dub would take the most effort since Black RX needs a full editorial pass and the Wizard dub requires a lot of editing. I’d rather you wait on Black RX until you’ve cleared more off your plate so you don’t get burned out.


    >If you’d told me almost 4 years ago that I’d have encoded and released 7 1/2  Kamen Rider shows 

    Thanks again for all the effort you’ve put into this. It’s greatly appreciated!

    1. For the batch, yeah, I’ll include the crossover since it’s like the Drive one. The Ghost one from Zyuohger didn’t go into the Ghost batch because those crossovers were more like cameo appearances than the full teamups we got before.


      Good call on the Ex-Aid typo. I’ll be sure to fix that.


      For Wizard and Black RX, I can juggle those easily enough that I’m not too worried. Wizard was just draining me because I’d basically just finished it and then was right back to rewatching it and I wasn’t enjoying it at all. Still, the first goal is going to be making some headway on ToQGer, so I still have a short break before I get into that stuff.

    2. Nah, I’m living in Singapore and they seem to be skipping Gaim, we’ve been stuck at Wizard dubs for a while now :/


      Toggle.sg is for an episode after it has aired on the local television, but I’ll keep an eye out if they eventually do decide on doing an English dub for Gaim.

      1. I check daily to see if Okto has added either Gaim to the schedule or a rerun during the day. I’d love to get my hands on the earlier dubs for Decade, W, OOO, and the parts of Fourze I’m missing, but they stopped rerunning the older shows after Wizard’s last repeat was done. I have a semi-workable way to record the daily episodes if they resume them, but it’s not the most reliable.

        1. Funnily enough, the most re-aired series were Den-O and Kabuto (each aired for a good 2 years+)


          If I can dig out old recorded tapes I might be able to find Ryuki to Blade dubs but I doubt so.

  4. I discovered this page pretty much immediately after i noticed nyaa.se stopped existing with most of the kamen rider torrents hosted in there.

    You’re a ray of light, thanks ♥

  5. Thank you very much for all the effort you did in bringing this series, personally Gaim is the first Kamen Rider series I have watched, the storyline is very good, even tough there are some escenes that look a bit childlish; the whole series is enjoyable to watch.

    I am looking forward for the entire batch so I can get that and rewatch this series again!

    Will the movies be included in the batch?

    How about the scripts pack would be included in the pbatch?

    Again thank you very much, you deserve a rest and comeback refreshed with more energy for the next projects 🙂

    1. The movies are not included in the batches since I prefer to keep those separate. Avoids hit-and-run downloads. The scripts will get put in a collected pack when the batch is put out, but as a separate file.

  6. when you go back to Ex-Aid will you be adding an ‘o’ to Parad to make it as Parado since it seems that is his official spelling name?

    1. Not sure yet. Once I get Box 2 in, I’m gonna check with Excite and see if they want me to revise anything like that.

  7. Wow, thanks so much for this! I’ve been following this release for a while now and i appreciate the time and effort you put into this! Again, thank you!

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