Kamen Rider Ghost: The Movie – 100 Eyecons and Ghost’s Moment of Truth

Kamen Rider Ghost: The Movie – 100 Eyecons and Ghost’s Moment of Truth

After chasing the mysterious Kamen Rider Dark Ghost, who had suddenly appeared, Tenkuji Takeru arrives at a strange village full of historical figures. Attempting to gather 100 Eyecons, Alain’s dead brother Argos – Kamen Rider Dark Ghost – wishes to create the Ultimate Eyecon and turn everyone on Earth and the Ganma world into ghosts. Meanwhile, Makoto’s father Fukami Daigo is found outside the village. Transforming into Kamen Rider Zero Specter, is Daigo an ally or an enemy?


Ghost returns once more with the Summer movie. Normally, I wouldn’t bother to encode something like this since Over-Time already did it from the BD, but in this case, we’ve got not one, but two commentaries to include!


Up first, we’ve got another Rider Club Radio commentary featuring Jeff and Liam.  Just like previous commentaries, I’ve mixed the movie audio with the commentary so you get the complete package in one track.


The second commentary features Sunglass of Capes and Cool Scarves, Knee of Kneescrubs, and Smithdanigans. Just like the RCR commentary, this is mixed with the movie audio, and the video runs about 20 seconds longer at the end to account for the commentary runtime.


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2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Ghost: The Movie – 100 Eyecons and Ghost’s Moment of Truth”

  1. say, you think you could make a batch of v2 scripts for the episodes of Kamen Rider OOO; like the Greeed name and OOO name, as well as make translated signs since over-time didn’t made much effort for that season.  Perhaps you could make references of the the signs that tv-nihon had translated for each episode?

    1. I already changed the Greed names I wanted to revise, and I don’t see a need to add the 3rd E to the name. Most people aren’t gonna care or notice since Greed and Greeed are both pronounced the same. I also don’t personally have an issue with the Os thing over OOO. As for sign translations, if there’s anything critical that was missed, I’d MAYBE consider doing those, but I certainly never had trouble following the plot with the lack of whatever signs weren’t translated. Also, while I’m not a member of O-T, that’s kind of insulting to say they “didn’t make much effort” for the season. I’ve always subscribed to the “put up or shut up” concept, and no offense, but I don’t see you out there translating entire series.

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