Animal Sentai Zyuohger Episode 35

Episode 35: The Zyuohgers’ Final Day

Bunglay demands Cube Whale in exchange for Yamato’s life, telling the team that they need to sacrifice one for the other. Yamato tells them not to bring it under any circumstance. The team do not believe Bunglay’s words and want to leave Cube Whale behind, but end up bringing it. Just as predicted, Bunglay is not willing to let Yamato go, and together with Kubar, he has something terrible planned.

That’s gonna do it for Zyuohger Box 3! Box 4 is scheduled for June, although Howling_Snail has informed me that depending on if he gets the V-Cinema as well, he may hold the 4th box back so that they ship together, which means we may not be back with Box 4 until July. We’ll see how that ends up going, but either way, we’ll wrap things up in another few months.


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13 thoughts on “Animal Sentai Zyuohger Episode 35”

  1. So, just saw the raw of Snipe episode Zero so I guess you gotten the Blu Ray for Ex-Aid then.  If so, will you be changing some things like for the opening lyrics you change it to “Turning On” to “Turn it On” as well as keeping the parts of the scenes of Ex-Aid level 1 beating on the Bugster Virus in those video game formats?

    1. The Ex-Aid releases will be using EXCITE’s new v2 subs that they’ve gone back and updated. They’ve made several changes and after discussing possible things to change with them and their reasons for leaving them as-is, the only things I will be altering are any grammar fixes needed and a few things I told them I’d watch for when doing my QC passes. The OP subs will be fixed (in fact, I brought it up with them after seeing your comment and it was realized that they didn’t update those so thanks for that). RTA’s subs will also be included starting with Episode 3 as an extra sub track. As for the sponsor bumps, like always, those are being cut, although I may encode them for inclusion in the batch since I like the Christmas variant in Episode 12.

      1. Ok then, also I was wondering if the Blu-Ray also included the Virtual Operations specials based on the riders which depict events in-between episodes as well?

        1. Nope, those are a separate special and are not included on the BDs. Past history shows that Toei doesn’t usually include the specials other than the actual BD exclusive ones. The only recent exception to this is the Kamen Rider 4 miniseries, as that got it’s own BD release.

          1. Okay I saw those new scripts but I think you will still need to correct some things, like the announcement part for level 1 is “What’s Your Name” and the concept of “Game Area” still.

            1. I won’t be changing “WHATCHA NAME” as it’s a “six of one, half-dozen of the other’ situation. There’s no really appreciable difference in “WHAT’S YOUR NAME” and “WHATCHA NAME”. As for the Game Area thing, what needs to be changed? I don’t recall any specific issue with how it was presented.

      2. >”As for the sponsor bumps, like always, those are being cut, although I may encode them for inclusion in the batch since I like the Christmas variant in Episode 12.”

        As someone who views these releases to be a “definitive deluxe” edition of the series, I highly encourage this. It’s also very nice to see RTA included as an alternative track.

        Also, do you plan on getting a Night of Safari Gashat?

        Also, is it too early to report a typo in Ex-Aid 14 or 15 (I can’t remember which)?


        1. Yeah, I preordered the Night of Safari Gashat since it was cheap enough. There are a few I’m missing that I’ll eventually pick up on the secondary market. Regarding the typos, yeah, remind me when Box 2 arrives, although they may be fixed in the v2s.

  2. Can you ask RTA to join wth you?? I mean for other Riders series like you join with MBE for Decade

    1. If a subber would like to joint with me for a release, I’m happy to work with them, but being that they have to do the hard parts, it’s up to them. I’d prefer not to go ask groups if they want to work on something, since if they do, they probably would just work on it.

        1. I’ll have to see if I have the Theatrical cut somewhere. I never bought it so I can’t recall if I have the BD.

          1. Can you search BD RAW for this?? I ca’t find RAW Theatrical version for this Movie

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