Animal Sentai Zyuohger Episode 29

Episode 29: The Champion of Champions

With the Grand Champion Symbol revealed, Marvelous intends to claim it as treasure for the Gokaigers, but Yamato intends to protect it for his friends. Meanwhile, the Gokaigers explain the history of the previous 39 Super Sentai to the Zyuohgers, and when Bunglay summons enemies from Marvelous’ memories, the Zyuohgers and Gokaigers unite to fight off the menace to the Earth, as Yamato unlocks Cetas’ zyuman power…


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5 thoughts on “Animal Sentai Zyuohger Episode 29”

  1. Unbelievable speed here man, love it. Are all of the sets already out for this series? Any way, you did a outstanding job here and I want to thank you for that. Really appreciate the work form you man. You did a lot of Kamen Rider already which I think is good, but I cant judge it yet of course because I havent started watching it. Got like 20 sentai to go XD. Really thanks to you man.

    1. No, these sets come out in quarterly sets, so this box I’m working on now will get us just a hair under 3/4ths of the way done (the first box only had 11 episodes since at the time, it wasn’t known what the final episode count would be.) and the final box in June will complete the series.


      As for the work, I just enjoy rewatching the shows from BD sources and as a result, releasing the encodes was a no brainer. I certainly can’t take all the credit though, because it’s also thanks to other generous people who have provided us with some of the BD sources that I haven’t bought myself, and of course, without the fansubbers, there’d be little point in me doing this. So really, it’s a collaborative effort, in a way.

  2. Ok, I get the point, team effort XD But you’re the one who did most of this stuff. Making a scrub is harder then people think. You should praise yourself some more man! Well it’s ok to see that you’re up to date about all the footage and release dates. One more thing, is there a place where I could find these BD sources. I’m looking to scrub or the 37th series or the 39th. I’m watching the 39th Ninninger at this time so scrubbing it would be perfect. If you could give me an adress or a network THEN there would be ‘ team effort’ behing my scrubs. The biggest part of my life I have been relying on others, I wanted to change it up and buy the BD myself, but those prices. And I cant even get them from where I live. I need to buy them through at least 3-4 parties, which makes the price 25-60% more expensive. Really apreciate your work! If you ever need someone then send me an email! This is my blogger page:;postID=6445487045744974066;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname You’re on it aswell! Aldo outdated tho XD Great time talking to you, bye

    1. As far as getting the BD sources, sometimes they are uploaded to semi-private trackers like AsianDVDClub, but of the ones I’ve completed here, only W, OOO, and Gaim were obtained from there, along with some of the movies. The rest have been ones I have purchased or have had provided to me. I’m already planning to do Ninninger after finishing ToQGer, and I’d like to go back and do Kyoryuger if I can get the rest of the BDs at a decent price since only the first 3 discs were uploaded to ADC. That reminds me that I need to update my BD wishlist in the sidebar since I have all of ToQGer now.

      1. Man…are you rich?! I’ve seen the prices, they go above my limit by far. I’d think paying like 20 euro’s for a blu-ray volume is much but these are even more expensive. I hope your doing well and you can keep up the releases. I’ve been observing the communitie for a long time, and I see that by far the biggest problem we have is the quality of the raws. Those direct from TV ones are shit. I’m watching Ninninger as said, and I had never seen a series that wasnt scrubbed yet. So it was a real wake-up-call for me when I saw thos ugly signs and the time mark in the corner. Well I did my homework too and I saw that Den-O will get released through the year, sooo? What are your long term plans? I hope you can keep these releases up, maybe even slowing down. I can’t keep up with the speed XD. But that’s because I’m busy with school for exchanges and test’s. Are you still in school? Don’t thinks so if you can afford these but still, could be possible. Next to that, will you be picking up Boukenger. While I’m ‘ new’ I know what happened to that series, untill episode 39 done and then they stopped at Freejoker. I watched boukenger and had to watch the bad quality TV-Nihon stuff at the end. And will you do more series in the future? Like blu-ray releases of Dekaranger? Both series BD are online already XD Well, again, it was a nice time talking to you. Bye

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