Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 19

Episode 19: The Secret Weapon He Gave

Duke fights against Gaim and Baron and manages to come out on top. As they lick their wounds, DJ Sagara appears and gives Kouta a gift in the form of a Tulip Hopper Lockseed. When they arrive in the Helheim Forest, they are quickly surrounded by Yggdrasill, pressuring the two Riders to fight to stay alive.

Revision Notes: Usage of “mettle” has been switched to “courage”. Only Kaito will be using “mettle” from here on, as it suits him. Some additional belt sounds have been added and some restyled a bit to account for the new ones. Final Zangetsu has been changed to Zangetsu Shin to match the official translation. Episode preview has the on-screen captions reconstructed with a close font match to the one Toei uses as for whatever reason, they were left off of the BD preview.


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