Kamen Rider Amazons Episode 1

Episode 1: AMAZONZ

Two years after an accident released 4000  subjects into the world, the Nozama Peston Service is tasked with hunting down and killing these creatures when they begin to run rampant and feed on human flesh. As this strange team is overwhelmed during an operation, they are assisted by a mysterious man, who transforms into an armored form with a single word: Amazon.


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4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Amazons Episode 1”

    1. It actually does, which is rare for a Rider BD set to include any sort of clean OPs. I’ll be releasing them when I do the batch, along with the season 2 trailer (it’s just the announcement trailer that Over-Time already subbed, not a new trailer or anything, before anyone gets their hopes up.)

  1. So, um, does this mean Episode 1 need to be re-encoded?

    1. Probably not. I didn’t see any major issues until Episode 4, but I’m re-encoding 2 and 3 anyway because I might as well since they aren’t out yet. If I do decide to re-encode Episode 1, it’ll just be included in the batch as a v2.

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