Express Sentai ToQGer vs Kamen Rider Gaim

Express Sentai ToQGer vs Kamen Rider Gaim – Spring Break Combo Special

The ToQGers stop at a  station in Zawame City, where there is no Shadow Line activity. However, they come across Kamen Rider Gaim and are brought into a fight with the Underground Empire known as Badan. As the ToQGers and the Armored Riders work together to discover Badan’s true intentions, a mysterious Rider calling himself Fifteen appears…


These subtitles are another mix of sources, with the standard revised track, an Over-Time/Aesir hybrid that uses Aesir’s terms like we included with Gaim x Wizard, and the original Over-Time track. The Over-Time track uses the original ToQGer font since they released this as part of their ToQGer releases while the hybrid and revised tracks use the updated font we use for Gaim. Last, the AesiriusB April Fools’ Day joke subs are included as well.

For you DDL users, this has been uploaded to both the ToQGer and Gaim DDL accounts. Enjoy!


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  1. the files for Gaim episodes from 21 to 23 and the special are still undecrpted for the 720p format.

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