Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 39

Episode 39: Conflict! Father and Daughter!

Confronting Adel about his plans, Alia uses a Necrom Eyecon to become Dark Necrom P, but is quickly defeated by the Ganmeisers. However, due to the strong emotions from her shattered Eyecon, a glitch is created, causing a fused pair of Ganmeisers to run rampant. As a result, a feuding father and daughter find their bodies switched around, as the girl, Mayu, finds herself wrapped up in a plot involving her father…

Note: Like Drive last year, these next four episodes do not contain the shorts that lead up to the Ghost summer movie, and they are not expected to be included with the movie Blu-ray, so if you want to keep those, hang onto Over-Time’s TV encodes as well.


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