Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 37

Episode 37: Growth! Everyone’s Paths!

Akari joins Harp+y4 in Honami’s place as Honami continues to harbor doubts about her dream. While on stage, Akari is injured, pushing Honami to take her rightful place. Meanwhile, Makoto faces off with an identical copy of himself that transforms into Specter, as Alain trains to unlock a new power…

That’s it for Ghost BD Box 3! It took a little longer than I had expected it to but oh well. We’ve got the 4th and final box covering the last 13 episodes scheduled for the 2nd week of January, along with the Ghost summer movie a week before that, which as usual for movies, will be handed off to Over-Time for them to do their usual translation magic with. So, look for more Ghost then!


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