Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 30

Episode 30: Eternity! A Heart’s Cry!

Alain had brought a drawing set for Fumi but her takoyaki stand is full of worried people. Alain cannot believe what he hears once he asks what happened, his hope fading away yet again. Meanwhile, Yuki has infiltrated Deep Connect and it is none other than CEO Steve Bills who finds her. Takeru and the others follow and, while not fully trusting Bills, they follow him…


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4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 30”

  1. Hm, the size for the 720p seems more larger than the other episodes for Ghost, anyways have you checked at Excite Subs who is subbing Kamen Rider Ex-Aid?  If so, when checking the scripts they have it will be at MEGA.

    1. Yes, and as I’ve repeated myself NUMEROUS times, every one of these encodes uses the exact same profile. The size is increased based on the encoder deciding how much bitrate it needs, and I’m perfectly content to allow it to do what it needs to make sure it’s not starved of bitrate, resulting in a shit-ugly encode. As for Ex-Aid, if I decide to do BDs for it, I’ll contact Excite ahead of the BDs shipping out.

    1. Damn it. I really hate this new upload method. Also, in the future (unless it’s both), please let me know if it’s the 720p or 1080p ones that are still encrypted.

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