Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 8

Episode 8: A New Magic Stone

After a mysterious white Garuda delivers a new Magic Ring, Wajima works to get it set in a new ring. Meanwhile, Medusa sends out Ghouls to attack a young boy who is suspected of being a Gate as Haruto finds himself facing Phoenix.

We’re going to try a slightly more rapid release schedule this month. Originally, I was going to do one episode a day for the month of June, but in order to release the two-part arcs at the same time, we’re gonna do two episodes together every other day. If I can keep to this schedule, we’ll get a good way into Wizard by the end of the month, at which point I’ll be taking a short vacation before the next Ghost box releases. Dub episodes will continue to release on Sunday or Monday as usual.


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Dub Notes: This episode is 56 seconds shorter than the BD counterpart. A large portion of the donut shop sequence is removed, making up the bulk of the cut footage.

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