Masked Rider World

Masked Rider World

Shadow Moon, a foe of Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX, is resurrected as a giant. Soon after that, he revives five monsters defeated by various Kamen Riders in the past with Berry witnessing it. As a result, the monsters chase after her and the people that found her. Kamen Rider ZO and Kamen Rider J arrive to their aid and team up to defeat the monsters. With the monsters defeated, J enlarges to face off against Shadow Moon.

Our second of the Showa releases planned for now, we’ve taken the CenturyKings/Skewed subs and created dual tracks using either Masked, which is the default, or Kamen, to suit people’s preferences. This one is also available in 3D in a separate post. DDL Users, you can find this in the Kamen Rider Movies section.


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