Masked Rider – Run All Over The World

Masked Rider – Run All Over The World

The Crisis Empire devises a plan to defeat Kotaro Minami by reverting him back to his old form of Kamen Rider Black and sending out several revived monsters after him. However, Kamen Rider Black is assisted by another RX, who used a time warp to help his past self. The two are joined by RX’s alternate forms of Robo Rider and Bio Rider, and the four Kamen Riders combine their powers to defeat the revived monsters.

Here’s the first of two shorts, and our first foray into the Showa Riders! This was originally encoded by MegaBeast Empire, but we’ve done a 1080p encode and a 3D encode, available in a separate post. We’ve kept the dual tracks using either Masked or Kamen, with Masked as the default since that’s what Toei uses on pre-W shows.  DDL Users, you can find this in the Kamen Rider Movies section. Enjoy!


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