Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 1

Episode 1: The Ring-Bearing Wizard

When strange magical creatures including something resembling the Minotaur begin to attack in Toriizaka, they are all confronted by a man with a strange ring and belt calling himself “Wizard”…

Showtime! While I wasn’t going to start this until the weekend, I finished the first episode and since it stands alone for the most part, I decided to release it a little sooner. This marks where the “legacy” shows switched to 1080p filming, so like Drive and Ghost, we’ll have 1080p and 720p encodes with Over-Time’s subs. Enjoy!


1080p – Torrent (Nyaa)   Magnet

720p – Torrent (Nyaa)   Magnet

Download Subtitle Script

Dub Notes: This episode was approximately 1:05 shorter on Toggle than the Japanese version. Several scenes were shortened, including the opening credits, next episode preview, and various fight scenes  in the episode.

720p Dub Download (Mega)

 Download Dub Subtitle Script

10 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 1”

    1. If you mean a batch for Wizard, you’re gonna be waiting a while. There’s still 52 episodes left before it gets batched.

  1. I had to post since probably a lot of people are grabbing these and saying nothing…

    But I really appreciate the work you guys are doing with subbing these Bluray rips!  I’m pretty obsessive with good quality, and the TV rips can be painful to watch (even good ones tend to look pretty bad), so I am incredibly grateful that you guys have dedicated so much time to delivering the best visual experience!  My wife and I watched all of your Fourze releases, now we’re halfway through OOO.  Probably do W next, and hopefully Wizard will be along enough to start that after…and then Ghost!  Again, thank you so damn much for what you guys do here.

    1. It’s a labor of love for sure. Even Wizard, which most everyone knows isn’t exactly the most exciting Rider show, really deserves the BD treatment just because of how gorgeous the suits are. I’m just happy to be able to give back to the toku community in some way.

  2. I Love The English Dubbed of Masked Rider Wizard! It’s Like a Power Rangers Dino Charge all over again! Why’d Eng Dubs of This like the ones called Digimon Hunters or Kamen Rider The First & The Next in Aug 3?

    1. We can only do dubs of whatever they choose to dub. I’ve never seen dubs of the two Rider reboot films so it’s unlikely that we’d be able to add dubs for those.

    1. They will. They broadcast one episode a week. We release subbed versions much faster than they release dubbed episodes.

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