Kamen Rider Drive Episode 24

Episode 24: What Keeps Mach Going?

Kiriko continues to secretly harbor Chase while an impatient Gou tries to rush the Mach Driver’s repair while dealing with his frustrations of feeling inferior to Drive.

This marks the end of BD Box 2! Box 3 is scheduled for October, and includes Episodes 25-36. In the meantime, we’ll have the Drive vs Ninninger special (which originally aired between Drive 23 and 24) around August 10th, so watch for that!


At the same time, the Super Hero Taisen GP Rider #3 film will be released, and since it’s effectively part of Drive, I’ll be getting that disc as well to provide to Over-Time. After that, in September, the Kamen Rider #4 material gets a BD release and I’ll be getting that as well, and again, providing that to Over-Time.


Related to that, please let me know if there is interest in 8-bit versions of things like Type SCU, Movie War Full Throttle, and SHT GP Rider #3. As it stands, with Over-Time doing 1080p/720p BD encodes, I don’t see a need to duplicate efforts unless there is a demand for 8-bit encodes, so speak up if you want to see them!


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14 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Drive Episode 24”

  1. Will you be subbing the kamen rider #4 mini series too?

    also, thank you for all you hard work with the blu rays. we really appreciate it!

    1. Well, that’s what the blurb at the bottom was about. I’m buying the Rider #4 miniseries, but we’d need someone else like Over-Time to sub it because we don’t have anyone able to translate anything ourselves.

  2. I love everything you guys do regarding the Bluray releases, and I am incredibly excited for the Taisen GP movie and the spin-offs/specials!  It’s a real shame Japan takes their sweet ass time to get their Blurays released, since the Drive movie hits theaters there in August we probably won’t see a Bluray until early next year.  🙁

    1. Well, the Gaim summer movie was released on BD in November, and Toei has been good about releasing the movies at the right time for the BD boxes more or less. If they do another November release, it’ll become available not too long after we get Box 3, which isn’t exactly right for where it slots in, but close enough.

  3. I forgot to ask: Will you guys be continuing to sub the Fourze Blurays?  I want to binge-watch that series next, but I’ve been putting it off in the hopes that more Bluray episodes will surface.

    1. Yep, Drive just gets all the attention when it’s available since it’s more recent and demand is higher for those. We’ll be back to Fourze again in the next few days.

    1. Uhhh… what?

      No, but seriously, thankfully, we have Google Translate because I only speak English. I’m not all that interested in any of the pre-W shows for two reasons.

      1: None of the shows that could be in actual HD like Decade, probably Kiva and Den-O as well, are on BD yet. Faiz and Kabuto are upscales and not so great ones at that. I’d maybe do SD encodes from the BDs since they would at least have a better bitrate than the DVDs, but, that leads to problem 2.

      2: As of right now, the only subs for stuff like Faiz and Kabuto are TV-N subs and aside from my dislike of their subs, they hardsub, which makes trying to use their subs incredibly difficult.

      So it’s not likely that I’ll be doing any earlier shows until we get better subs. Kinda hoping we’ll get BDs for Den-O since OrangeLion is doing solid Den-O subs.

  4. Out of curiosity, what don’t you like about TV-N subs?  I only ask because I grabbed a lot of their Kamen Rider 1080p BD rips for various KR movies.  I definitely know where you’re coming from on picture quality, though!  I unfortunately couldn’t wait for the BD rips to watch more Drive, as my wife and I plowed through a ton of it right after finishing Gaim.

    1. Yeah, picture quality is a big problem, and what I’ve read and seen myself is their subs are not very accurate. I’m not a translator of course, but when people have made entire blogs about how bad the subs are, that tells me enough.

    1. The seedbox is always seeding anything considered to be an active release, so you should be getting a seed from that since this hasn’t been batched yet. There’s always the Mega backup if a DDL works better too.

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