Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 4

Episode 4: The Bus Guide Saw It! The Truth About Anna

Taking a tour of the outskirts of Daybreak Town, the site of the HumaGear-related accident 12 years ago, Aruto learns of the history of the accident from HumaGear tour guide Anna. But when a young boy is teased over his father’s supposed-involvement, Fuwa and Aruto both vow to get to the bottom of the accident and find the truth…


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3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 4”

    1. Yep, have all of those, and I know IzuSubs has seen the releases and has a fix for Episode 1 that I’ll add in the batch. I appreciate the heads up though.

  1. Episode 4 Corrections
    00:08:39: authori(z)ed -> authori(s)ed
    00:12:48: utli(z)e -> utili(s)e
    00:22:01: minimi(z)e -> minimi(s)e

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