Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 4

Episode 4: The Bus Guide Saw It! The Truth About Anna

Taking a tour of the outskirts of Daybreak Town, the site of the HumaGear-related accident 12 years ago, Aruto learns of the history of the accident from HumaGear tour guide Anna. But when a young boy is teased over his father’s supposed-involvement, Fuwa and Aruto both vow to get to the bottom of the accident and find the truth…


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11 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 4”

    1. Yep, have all of those, and I know IzuSubs has seen the releases and has a fix for Episode 1 that I’ll add in the batch. I appreciate the heads up though.

  1. Episode 4 Corrections
    00:08:39: authori(z)ed -> authori(s)ed
    00:12:48: utli(z)e -> utili(s)e
    00:22:01: minimi(z)e -> minimi(s)e

  2. Hi OZC, I was just wondering how far into the Zero-One BDs you are so far. With Zero-One coming to an end in the next month or so, I was planning on doing a final clean sweep of my scripts myself. Would it be too late at this point to do so and have any potential changes reflected in the upcoming BD releases?


    1. If you have any changes you want to make in the unreleased episodes, I can easily update them since nothing is locked down yet. Anything for 1-4 wouldn’t get updated until the batch, but since I already have tweaks to make for those to get them back in line with what you requested, making additional tweaks to those are fine too. Otherwise, we only have the first 16 episodes in total right now since the 2nd box got delayed by several months and won’t be out until November, so if there’s anything you might be able to do on 5-16 prior to the series ending, I can avoid needing to patch more than just the first 4 later. I’ll be starting releases back up on Saturday, but I’ll be starting with Ryusoulger and I can delay Zero-One a little longer if need be. I’d like to avoid delaying it all the way until the series ends since that would be another month, but we can see what might work best for everyone and decide accordingly.

      1. Understood. The potential changes are being made with the final batch release in mind, to ensure that what goes out at the tail of all this, is the best the scripts can be (I also have some minor font tweaks in mind). I will do a clean sweep of episodes 1-16 in time for let’s say; next Saturday (08/08), and I’ll notify you on this reply chain when it’s complete. If possible, I’d like you to re-download a fresh copy of the scripts for 1-4 come time to update them for the final batch, if simply to account for any line or font changes that may occur. If this would be too taxing for you due to needing to re-time the script (or any other reason), please let me know, and I’ll keep note of any line changes and add them as an addendum to the changes already listed in each respective release post for 1-4.

        Thanks again for your work. Hope you’re well.

        1. That sounds good. That will let me just focus on Ryusoulger for a week and a half or so, which is fine because I have plenty of those episodes to release as well and gives you time to make updates on your end. As for 1-4, I’ve already been planning to just redo those from the top down when it came time for the batch, so getting new scripts for them is no problem at all.

          1. Episode 1-16’s scripts are done and have been uploaded to the usual spot. If I may suggest, I would recommend downloading a language/spell-checker pack for British English, if simply to make the script corrections less of a hassle by lessening the spelling discrepancies you’d have to manually account for otherwise.

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