Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 3

Episode 3: He Was A Sushi Chef

Settling into his role as CEO, Aruto and Izu visit a sushi restaurant to try and land a sale of a HumaGear sushi chef to the stubborn owner. Even with the supportive words of Yua, things don’t go well, and it gets worse when another Magia infects Nigoro, sending him out of control! But before Aruto can transform, Yua brings out her own Shotriser!


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5 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 3”

  1. For some reason, the episode thinks it’s about 2 minutes and 50 seconds longer than it actually is. File details says it’s 26:09 when it’s around 23:19.

    1. Yeah, that happens due to an incorrect line length on one of the tracks, which the other comment here addresses the source of. It’ll get fixed in the batch, but it doesn’t affect playback otherwise.

  2. The length of this episode is displayed incorrectly in mpv due to an extra line at the end of the IzuSubs track. Also, when you get to episode 14, the line at 15:50 in the Over-Time track needs to be “Extinction Dystopia” instead of “Extinction Utopia.”


    Thanks for encoding the Zero-One BDs!

    1. Gotcha, thanks for the heads up on it being the Izu track with the line length error. Easily fixed for the batch. The Extinction Dystopia fix is already on my list courtesy of CRT so that’ll get corrected when the time comes, but I appreciate it all the same had it not been on my list.

  3. Episode 3 Corrections:
    00:05:41: favo()rite -> favo(u)rite
    00:06:12: favo()rite -> favo(u)rite

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