Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 24

Episode 24: Best Friend 2121

In order to access the powers of Kamen Rider Kikai, Swarz uses Heure as a catalyst, forcing him to become Another Kikai! White Woz attempts to strip them of that power so he can bring forth Geiz Revive while Rento is busy rampaging around the year 2121! Sougo decides to work together with the local children to find a way to stop him, but…

That’ll do it for Zi-O Box 2! Look for Box 3 in September along with the Rider Time; Kamen Rider Ryuki miniseries that will be releasing alongside it!


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    1. Nope, the only Rider series I’ve got that had a clean OP on it is the first season of Amazons, which had the Clean TV OPs. I’m not sure why they don’t include them but it’s disappointing that they don’t. If they ever start including them, they’ll get done like the Sentai ones, where I put them in the batches.

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