Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 2

Episode 2: Best Match 2017 +
Episode 2.5: Rules of the World

Geiz attacks Sougo, vowing to stop Oma Zi-O before his reign can begin, but Tsukuyomi defends Sougo, who escapes in the confusion. Appearing once again, the mysterious man with the book introduces himself as Woz, while Another Build revives and attacks! What could be the key to stopping this creepy monster?


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6 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 2”

  1. so you didn’t post a v2 for ep 1 before this huh?  Also, I had sent you scripts of ep 3 through ep 6 recently if you want to check them out for consideration of a second track; also for ep 3 I had changed the name for Ora’s sign given the way she speaks to her contractors are like an oracle does.

    1. I canceled the v2 patch for now and will issue the v2 update in the batch. This is so that if there are any other changes that need to be made, I don’t have to issue a v3. I’ll take a look at the scripts you sent, but I’m likely going forward with just a single track at this point. Dual-tracking increases the amount of work I have to do if I need to make grammar fixes and such, and I’m kind of looking forward to only having to do one track per episode unless I have to do a revised version for stuff like Gaim. I’ll take a look at the changes you made to Ora’s stuff, but I’ve already done an edit pass on Episodes 3 and 4 so I may or may not make any additional changes.

  2. well what do you think of the scripts so far, like did you see what I did to the openings compare to over-time?  Also, I had also uploaded scripts of ep 7 though 10 to you as well.

    1. I’m probably going to leave the opening as-is since there have been conflicting versions of the extra unsubbed lines, namely the first one. There were some tweaks in Episode 3 you made that were the same as what I had already changed in mine, such as changing beat to clear, although I missed one that you had so it helped. It’s kind of time-consuming to compare them 1:1, but I’ll try and look them over when I can.

  3. Well, I just feel bummed that over-time didn’t include the quotation marks for Quartzer, since even the song title has it as, Over “Quartzer” and still hadn’t done anything.

    1. A fair point, but that’s what I’d consider non-essential punctuation. Since they didn’t see a need to change it and didn’t justify it like their reason for leaving stuff like Uhr and Hora as-is (which I get completely), the OP lyrics are decidedly non-critical, so I’m just not gonna mess with them.

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