Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 1

Episode 1: Kingdom 2068 +
Episode 1.5: What’s in the name?

Tokiwa Sougo seems like an ordinary high school student, but he has huge dreams of becoming a king, but when a pair of mysterious time travelers reveal that he will become the ruler of time, the evil Oma Zi-O, Sougo vows to become the greatest and most beloved king of all time! In a world where Kamen Riders have fought throughout the Heisei era, their great powers are now passed on to the next generations. Rejoice and celebrate the birth of a new king!

At last, it’s time to kick off the latest Rider BD box! We’re back to a single subgroup this year, featuring just the Over-Time subs, which should help make releases go a bit faster in general (although this episode has a little April Fools surprise track I noticed pop up the other day).


Per the winning votes on a Twitter poll over the weekend, the first 16 episodes will have the supplemental .5 episodes included with each main episode. These are NOT BD encodes as these episodes have not gotten a BD release yet, and at this time, it’s unclear if they will. Thanks to Gustavaum, who provided me with the original TTFC rips, I’ve included 1080p and 720p versions of these episodes. They definitely aren’t as good as a BD encode would be, and as such, I have removed the “BD Box” label from the file titles for these. If and when Toei releases these episodes on BD, I’ll issue a batch of them from BD encodes.


Lastly, if you run into any trouble with the subtitles flashing or being timed incorrectly, you may want to install and use THIS version of xy-VSFilter for sub rendering. I have tested this version on multiple machines in multiple players and had no issues. Enjoy!


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8 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 1”

  1. so does it still have the names they translated, or of changed to match certain themes, like the Zikan weapons or the Ziku-Driver?  Also, it may not be important but by chance did you change some of the dialogue that was said in the opening song, that matches what was said in the front blu-ray cover and including the lyrics that over-time skipped; (are you lazy?) and (crazy baby)?

    1. I left the translated driver and weapon names as I preferred the translated versions. I didn’t change the opening bit because while the box text (for once) is a pretty solid translation, I liked what O-T used better, although I did use the version from Episode 2 and beyond since they changed it after the first episode. I may add the missing lyrics in episode 2 and beyond and patch it into Episode 1 later. I had planned to add them, but I was having technical issues with the subs and I decided to leave things alone as much as possible just in case. Now that I know what was wrong, I feel more comfortable messing with stuff and adding new lines where needed.

  2. so I guess this means you decided to leave the name overlord instead of demon king, even though during OOO arc they had maou as demon king for Oda Nobunaga reference.

  3. but we aready gotten reference for space-time of the activation of the systems by the Time Mazines in going back to the past, why the need of the translations for it again, also I kind of prefer Ziku-Driver since its a shorter name.

    1. Well, like always, that’s why the scripts are provided. You can edit them to have whatever names you like. Actually, the funny thing is, you reminded me that I will have to do a v2 for the first episode because I forgot to fix “Time Driver” to “Space-Time Driver”.

  4. out of curiosity, did you ever check on the scripts of the first 2 episodes  that I sent to you a week ago over at discord?  You know for making a second track for things left untranslated?

    1. I honestly missed those completely. My Discord notifications are hit or miss because I have my account signed in at all times on several PCs that are always on. I’ll grab them and take a look at them, but as it stands, I’m likely going to be keeping things to a single track except where I need to do revisions to match any of my previous releases (like making Gaim terms consistent with my revised subs, etc.)

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