Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 11

Episode 11: Zi-O On Parade 2018 +
Episode 11.5: Mysteries of 9 To 5!

Zi-O battles with Another Gaim with his newly obtained Gaim Ride Watch, but there are suddenly reports of popular dance team members disappearing one after another. Sougo comes to terms with the fact that Another Rider must be behind these sudden disappearances. However, Sougo seems to be acting somewhat different than usual after witnessing a strange, godly figure. Just what is going on?

This episode and the next one feature Revised and Original tracks like our Gaim release and any other Gaim-related encodes where needed. The changes are minimal, but like the previous episode, felt important to do for overall consistency. One thing that is not here is a track that uses Aesir’s Western name orders because it didn’t make sense to change one Gaim character’s name and not the Zi-O characters or to change the Zi-O names for only two episodes. These changes only apply to the main episodes and not the .5 episodes.


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