Kamen Rider Build Episode 8

Episode 8: What The Memories Tell You

Katsuragi was the founder of Faust! A fearsome power may be at work behind the murder of Katsuragi, and Build’s lost memories are likely involved. There is a sign that secret data entrusted to his mother by Katsuragi might be a clue, but Faust wants the data as well…


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3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Build Episode 8”

  1. say, it seems that in recent episodes they had changed Souichi’s name to Soichi as the proper name, will you be changing it with the other episodes that you have not uploaded yet?

      1. If Genm provides me with scripts with those changes, then yes. If they want me to revise the first 8 for the batch, I’ll do that as well.

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