Kamen Rider Build Episode 4

Episode 4: When There’s Zero Testimony

Sento was suddenly poisoned by someone with a cobra marking on his chest! The poison has caused Sento to remember another human experimentation memory. Sento remembers one side panel of Pandora’s Box within the human experimentation site. Meanwhile, Ryuga arrives in Seito to protect Nabeshima’s family, which could serve as a clue to solve his false murder charges. Faust suddenly appears before Ryuga who desperately attempts to protect Nabeshima’s family…


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8 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Build Episode 4”

  1. so GenmCorp had it as Sky Wall, but the intro in the openings still has it as Skywall.  Could you check before you upload the other episodes?

    1. Banana and I already discussed that and it’ll be fixed going forward. He forgot to correct that when he sent me the updated scripts and I didn’t think to check it either.

        1. It was decided to leave it as-is. Since the groups involved have continued to leave it alone as they have done new episodes, there’s no plans to change it. It’s another Ganma/Gamma situation.

          1. On a similar question, I know Over Time had some spelling choices that eventually needed correcting (Blood Stark vs Blood Stalk, Voltech Break versus Vortex Break), but did Genm Corp need those specific terms (Stalk, Vortex) corrected as well? (or any others for that matter? I’ve kept up more with Over Time than Genm Corp. Just curious…)

            1. In Genm’s case, they wanted to make some additional updates so they are providing me with newly revised scripts before release. That’s actually part of the delay on 5-8 as they are still working on the updates. I’d rather wait for them than have to patch, and I had some work stuff come up too, so it works out for both them and myself.

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